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  1. This mix always succeeds in making me feel awkward...

    It's a little weird, I don't think I ever would have thought about the happy, bouncy World 1 Map theme as porn groove... now every time I play SMB3, first thing that comes to mind in World 1 is... yup. Need I say more?

    Lewdness aside, however, the music actually sounds quite nice, it's almost a shame that this mix is so short; it makes me wanna hear what this would sound like if it were longer and not as sexually explicit. :-P

  2. Just like the original Hot-Head Bop, this piece is very heavily reliant on atmosphere. I agree with OA that this could benefit from a nice fleshing out in the middle sections, but as is, the sort of minimalist sound it has going works for it.

    I especially like the atmospheric sections at the beginning and end, they really add a lot to this track (the ending especially :-)). Really nice and fleshy-sounding compared to the rest of the piece.

  3. Hmm. While it does sound nice, I think the arrangement is a little too similar-sounding to the original for my liking. Also, I don't think it was Hawaiian enough for me. I agree with DragonAvenger; having the mallets play the lead melody would have rendered it a lot more "Hawaiian" sounding. Maybe could have benefited also from some steel drums, ukulele, etc?

    As is, it's still a nice interpretation of a fun source :-)

  4. At the time that I downloaded this, I had kind of forgotten how the Outset Island theme went. I knew it was great, but I just couldn't quite remember how it went exactly. Needless to say, I was really happy at 1:01, when the lead melody came in for the first time; it all came rushing back to me :-D

    You've done a really great job with this song. So great, in fact, that it is a contender for my personal "Best of 2009" playlist 8) which is, of course, the highest honour anyone's music can be bestowed with, as we all know. :-P

  5. Ahhhh... I can see myself now, creeping around the facility, silenced PP7 in my right hand (my arm aching from holding the gun directly in front of me at ALL times)... goooood memories.

    Nostalgia aside, Mr. Peeples' aptly titled Hacker Mix perfectly conveys the tension of stealthing around the facility.

    It's been said before, but the all the dial-up/hacking in etc sound effects, followed by the alarm sounding: genius.

  6. This is another top favourite Mix of mine, for sure. Such a laid-back and chill feeling mix; the mood is perfect. Even my parents like this one. 8)

    Props to Hale-Bopp for his amazing voice, awesome arrangement, and incredible lyrics!

    Also, after reading Emunator's post, I had to check out the Serious Monkey Business tracklist for myself. :-P Reeally stoked to hear some new Hale-Bopp goodness, especially because DKC2 happens to be one of my favourite games. I'm sure it won't disappoint! :-D

  7. Hmmmm.. this could be just me, but I'm not sure if the Hot-Head Bop and Stickerbrush Symphony themes are totally meshing in the first half. Maybe consider possibly bringing the Stickerbrushiness out more, because you do have the Hot-Head Bop totally covered in the second half.

    Speaking of, I'm loving the second half. The bass sounds really bubbly; totally reminiscent of all those lava levels. But I'm not particularly crazy about the ending, it seems a bit too... sudden. Maybe a slightly slower fade? or back into a quiet section? Maybe.

    Criticism aside, I really like the feel of this piece; good job so far :nicework:

  8. This album was my first official download off of OCR. I remember how awesome it was, strutting around my school the next day blasting Aerofunknamics, Chekan Winter, West Coast DK Island... hell, each track is terrific.

    Also, I cannot wait for the DKC2 album (if there is to be one). I personally favour its soundtrack over DKC's, buuut that might be just me. Either way, looking forward to it fo sho.

  9. Hmm. I must admit I never was really too excited about seeing this, but now I dunno; reading some of these reviews/testimonials (cough*Kroze*cough) have made me reconsider...

    This visual awesomeness sounds verrrrry intriguing.

  10. WOOOO! This is so optimally great. Big band-style jazz is one of my favourite musical genres, and this is just totally excellent! I love the really jammy feel of this, too. The source is there for sure, but all the flourishing solos going on all the time make it feel so much more like a huge jam session of awesomeness. Also, mad props to all in terms of soloing, everything sounds greeeeeat!

  11. Unfortunately, I'm quite ashamed to say that I've never once played any Final Fantasy game... yeahhhh... Hence, I am not at all familiar with the source. But I figured i should probably pick this one up, as it's quite a milestone for OCR!

    And I'm impressed. I love solo piano stuff, and this is definitely no exception! Really an awesome sounding piece. Exceptional playing, great expression; again, it's awesome. Looking forward to more from Khemael!

    P.S. Congratulations OCR, 10 years wooo! Huge thank you to djpretzel for creating this incredible community, and to all artists, judges, project managers, etc for keeping it going for 10 years!

    Here's to 10 more!

  12. I love all of Protricity's Donkey Kong stuff; I think this might have been the first i heard... maybe even one of the first ReMixes I ever listened to actually... and weh, was I in awe.

    I was anxious to hear this one especially, I've always remembered the Haunted Chase music because I used to be kinda scared about the Haunted Hall level (those damn ghost-skeleton-Kremling things always laughing evilly at you and such... even now, I shiver at the thought).

    All reminiscing aside (sort of), I think this ReMix conveys the atmosphere of that level perfectly, perhaps even better than the original? methinks so.

    Also, props to Prot for the ass-kicking solos.

  13. Awwwesome. I can't stop listening to this, it's really great. This is such a fluid Mix, and there's always something really cool going on at all times.

    Much love goes to the all-over-the-place bass; on that note, I also think the instruments/samples sound great as is, but I do agree with Metroidfan 10 in that it could totally be taken to a whole other level with real instruments.

    But as it stands, it's great... this one is sure to get many, many more listens from me, definitely.

  14. Hey everyone! I'm Rob/Jack Polo, I hail from a small town north of Ottawa, Canada.

    My introduction to OCR came this past summer; working at a resort, I had the chance to listen to these ReMixes while strolling through the woods on my breaks, it was pretty awesome. Needless to say, I have been constantly coming back for more.

    I finally decided to join a few days ago. I have a, uhh... somewhat fairly decent? musical background, so I intend to, one day, try my hand at ReMixing.

    Buuut until then, I'm perfectly fine with just sitting back and listening to the sweet, sweet sounds that everyone else has to offer! :-P

  15. This song is so ...manic. It's all over the place! in a good way of course.. it's sweet. I always find myself imagining Bowser waiting impatiently for Mario on his little bridge thing, going insane; pacing back and forth and the like.

    Then at 2:48 Mario finally jumps up the step right before the bridge, and Bowser just loses it.

    I'm also loving the Flight of the Bumblebee-esque guitar work going on 3:23-3:30ish... actually the guitar solo section 3:23-4:00 is just full-out awesomeness.

    AND the 1up sound effect at 1:17... classic!

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