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  1. Sadly, this wasn't an instant download for me like your normal mixes are but I do really like to see you branching out (as numerous others have already stated). It's a good mix especially considering it's completely different than the chippy norm but not my personal cup 'o tea.

    That said, I am really anxious to see future mixes like this that don't follow the "typical halc mix formula". Watching you and other artists on here grow and improve is absolutely amazing, it really is! Skilled Branch halc + Skilled Chip halc blend would = eargasms of epic proportions.

    P.S. InsertRupee is pure awesome.

  2. I'm normally far too lazy to post on here but you guys really deserve some praise on this one. I must admit that at first I wasn't really into the song because I normally prefer the likes of Halc, PrototypeRaptor, chthonic, and bLiNd. But after listening to the lyrics the whole way through I was completely hooked.

    The acoustic western feel just goes SO well with the song and it's lyrics it's nuts. And the lyrics themselves just blow me away. It makes me feel for the Quick Man's plight and I can so easily picture the story you're trying to tell.

    "My circuits slow. What they said is a lie. The shots are heard and the bullets scream death as they fly."

    "I'm not scared anymore. I join the ranks of my brothers that have fallen before." - TRULY epic job guys.

    *Edit* I checked out your album and it was alright. To me though, it just seems that this song has a certain polish to it that some of your other tracks lack. I'd easily spend $20+ on an album with more tracks like this and LOVE it!

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