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  1. Ok so basiccly I've got a song, and there's a drum line and a bass line. Now what happens is whenever the bass line is played with those drums, the kick gets sort of muffled. It's hard to explain but the kick sounds alot better when the bass line isn't playing but when the bass line is playing it like "cut's off" part of the quality of the kick sound which ruins the song because the kick isn't thumping as it should be. Any help? I've heard sidechaining can help but I'm not sure excatly how to go about doing this.

  2. Hey guys,

    I did this remix and I was just wanted to know what you guys think about (eg. things I should improve etc.)

    So yeah I finished it a while ago with FL Studio 9.


    Its on youtube, but if you want it on a .mp3 hosting website I can do that.



    Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u775jbml05zwan5/FrostyDiscoNoCutOff.mp3

    (First post so sorry if I missed anything out)

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