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  1. Hello all,

    Today I won't talk about music remix (like this very old one Chrono Trigger remix I made in BASIC on my Amstrad CPC)

    In my spare time, and Since the Global Game Jam 2015, I'm working a on an Action/Puzzle game called Cipher Pusher and I'd like to tell you about it.
    It's about blocks, vortexes & seafood. In big pixels.


    Cipher Pusher

    Cipher Pusher is a 2D top down Action/Puzzle game where you will have to push, carry, rotate, and connect some blocks!
    But wait you can also remote-push, multi-push several blocks at a time, perform chain reactions… to achieve even greater combos!
    You play as an astronaut without any weapon… and though you will have to dodge thousands of missiles, encounter hostile octopus-like lifeforms,
    experiment strange mechanisms to solve puzzles…

    If you're interested, watch the trailer:


    Tech notes & Sound
    I'm coding this game in C++. And I'm also coding its engine, based on Allegro 5.

    And be relieved, I'm not doing the music & sound myself! I know that I'm not good at this, especially since my attempt at making remix. Plus I don't have either the experience nor the equipment !!
    I'm so glad to work with T.O.M.Avatars a.k.a S Dee & Dave during concerts.
    Here's his soundcloud and his website.

    Also, here are some GIFs :


    vid_340_255_cipherpusher-familyconnect-svid_340_255_mediumcombo12-cipherpusher.gvid_340_255_pressy-fireball-cipherpusher vid_340_255_cipherpusher-fireballs-parti vid_340_255_allegrologo_anim_anto80.gif  cipherpusher-monolith-animated-1603.gif

    Steam Greenlight & spread the word
    I have great pleasure in launching its Steam Greenlight http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655219474 !

    If you liked the trailer, or my previous work, please go to Steam website and vote YES here!

    As you probably know, this is important because it will allow the game to get published.

    If you want to help much more, it's possible! :) You can help us by spreading the word !
    • on Facebook : Share this post https://www.facebook.com/CipherPusher/posts/1337700546245272
    • on Twitter : RT this tweet https://twitter.com/elbloco80/status/732541118806659073

    Thanks A LOT for your time!

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