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  1. I had my doubts going into this one - I really liked the way the opera was done by The Black Mages in Darkness and Starlight, and this was done so differently from that take, even though both go for the 'rock opera' style.

    My doubts faded pretty quickly. The drama created by the chorus was excellent. The stark transitions between the two sides of the 'fight' gave me shivers. Then it relax with a vocal solo or musical interlude briefly, let me catch my breath just long enough before stealing it away again.

  2. I play quite a bit of LoL, and I also contribute to articles on analyzing LoL's tournament scene. I definitely greatly enjoy the game, though it does sometimes bring out the worst in people, it's improved massively over the few years I've played. The tournament scene has also grown, and it's a pretty fun game to watch once you get into it (though the quality of some shoutcasters comes into question at times.)

    Co-op vs. AI and ARAM are both pretty stress-free ways to play until you are more familiar with the game (shit, I've played over 1000 games and I probably play more ARAM than I do summoner's rift now.) If that's not enough, playing with friends is another great option - friends are a lot more likely to give criticism in a constructive manner. I'd certainly be willing to lend a helping hand if you want to give it another shot, this time with friends guiding you rather than jumping alone into the deep end.

  3. Listening to the first CD right now. It's fantastic. It's like I'm playing the game again, with all the emotions I felt during the first time I played. Sometimes something comes along to tell us that our childhood isn't dead, but is still thriving inside of us. This is one of those "somethings." Thanks for all the effort, guys. It was well worth the wait.

    You kiddin me? I AM playing the game again - I started a fresh playthrough in my [limited] free-time when the Disc1 album came out for kickstarter backers, on the GBA re-release (wow, the translation is so much better, but ugh, gba sound is worse than snes..)

    I was a little sad that it didn't get released yet, I can't wait!

  4. Uh. Wow. Not much I can say other than this is truly epic (and I hate to use that word), and I really enjoyed listening to it (on my 2nd playthrough now). I love long prog rock stuff, so this is right up my alley.

    Btw add another one for "I didn't notice any language."

    EDIT: I think it's time I actually listen through the original Dancing Mad. :P

    I know what you mean - this truly epic. Not epic like the internet meme, but epic like Homer's Iliad.