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  1. Yes. I did in fact search up an old thread JUST for this! And to see if you were around. HI SADORF!!! 


    ...Sorry, I never check my personal email and didn't see the reply until I was just deleting a few thousand messages. Wow, it took me 6 months to see that you responded.

  2. *dusts off keyboard and mouse*


    What is this place? Huh? Where am I?

    If there is a remix by me, "Turtlemix vs. Dr. Mario" I honestly don't remember making it. I remember participating in BEERmix (which I believe I have a complete archive of), but never any serious compos unless I was used in a collab. I stepped in with Sir Nuts to judge the IMC Popcorn competitions, but I don't remember solo entering in IMC Quickie...I don't even really remember IMC Quickie happening, though it does sound vaguely familiar.

  3. I retweeted the suggested tweet...kind of looking a bit like, um, spam :nicework:

    I also tweeted a link to the OCR content policy. I'm kind of wondering if the error page for OCR on YouTube is just a standard "Suspended due to drama" message, and maybe they're afraid of copyright infringements due to most content on OCR's channel being video game music/video related. By the way, no I did not read any posts before mine except the intro post. So if someone else already mentioned that, sorry for stealin' your thunder. I have life to get back to and don't have time for the forums much anymore

  4. He didn't say "all fans," simply "the fans." This can refer to any number in excess of 2 fans.

    Basically: Haters gon' hate.

    And no, I'm not calling you a hater. Although, I may be saying that within all of us, there's some part of us that wants to express our dislike about one thing or another.

  5. Last night's episodes are leaving me optimistic. No, it's not the exact same as the show that started out on Fox in 1999. As others have mentioned, the jokes are more obvious - and they do leave me wondering, for about 1/1,000 of a second "Did they really just blatantly go there? Sigh." But, at the same time, I'm laughing anyway.

    It's still a good show. It still has geeky, contemporary, and pseudo-futuristic references.

    Beware of fuel for flames to come:

    As for Family Guy, it was never good to begin with - THAT'S why it was crap when it was revived.

  6. Hey Sir_NutS: Is the posted version of your song the finished one, or did you go back and add some stuff after the deadline like you mentioned you might earlier in the thread? If you have a more complete version, you should post it after the voting period ends, I'd like to hear it!

    It sounds like the unfinished version, there's still a few verses of lyrics to be roboticized and added in to the final song.

  7. Okay, I know what you're thinking "WHO THE HECK ARE YOU!?! SOME NUB!?!?" And yes, I am. Then there might be about 5 of you around here who know I'm an old fogie. Those of you are probably cringing at the idea of me remixing, remembering the BEERmix of ol'.

    Anyway, all that aside - on to my big announcement.

    After 6 years of studying my mistakes, and the works of the masters such as DjFish - I have finally built up the confidence to break out onto my own.

    So here it is, my first OCR worthy piece. The only problem is, I can't think of a name for it. Please help me?


    By the way, it's one of the more obscure songs from Sonic 3. I don't remember the name of it right now and have to get going....I'll edit the post later to include the original title track.

    Thanks for listening all!

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