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  1. I'm currently in the works on the lyrics for the Legendary Hero track. The violin and the harp are the main instruments in the game and I thought it would be nice to incorporate them in this little introduction number. I imagined this song being sung like an old folk tale, everyone around the fire listening to the elder as he spins a tale about our ancestors. The violin and harp join in to assist in the story telling, give it atmosphere. That's the general feel I get from this song. I know there isn't a harp in the original version of the song but I want you to take up the part that the...actually, I don't know what it's called. The string instrument that may or may not be some kind of guitar. Once I have the lyrics finished, I'll send you a copy of them along with a demo track of me singing over the game music, to help give you a sense of what I'm going for. I've already contacted Chris for the violin. Hope you can help!

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