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  1. I don't think people are actually that frustrated by the long delays. That just happens sometimes. What's killing most of us is not knowing why.

    Like, yeah, pretzel track not finished, we know that much. But no one knows why that particular track is so far behind. It might be nice to hear from the person making the track, get the down low from him on what the status of the track is.

    It's just a little depressing that we've been in the dark waiting on 1 track for over a year.

  2. Passive-aggressively begging for updates gets you nowhere.
    Man, if it's not working it's because you aren't doing passive-aggressive correctly:

    Why don't you say you're opening up "pre-orders" for the album (even though it's free), and tell anyone that's interested that they need to say so via email. Then link them djp's email address.

    I mean, it probably won't speed anything up so it's not really worth the heartbreak, but you might feel better right?

    I'm still hoping on that Christmas release though.

  3. For some reason, the FFIX soundtrack does feel a bit like a "November" album for me. Wouldn't that be nice, listening to some heart-warming songs on Thanksgiving?

    I'm just happy since I now finally got ahold of a DAW. I just wish I knew how to use it properly (so many buttons and how do I instrument oh god :shock:)

  4. It's come to my attention magfest is just before the deadline. We'll see how much of an issue it is, I don't want to push it back far (or ideally at all).

    So I'll probably do a five 30 second samples for the Christmas present. Give me the five you want to hear most and (unless they're better left unheard for surprise reasons) I'll try and include them.

    You're Not Alone


    Jesters of the Moon

    Assault of the White Dragons

    Melodies of Life

    Honestly, I don't really care too much on selection, I'm mostly just picking things that feel varied in tone, but I'd love to get a feel for how people have interpreted the original music.

  5. I wouldn't say the game is necessarily obscure so much as it is just completely unknown. Nobody I've introduced the game to had any idea what it was, nor have they heard anything about it prior. For what it's worth, the game is great, and more importantly the soundtrack is full of gems that can be easily plucked yet remain untouched.

    There's plenty of good songs available, here's some of the more prominent selections:

    http://www.youtube.com/user/RPGMusicDotOrg#p/c/044673273F29EB2E/6/6VZ2OKMtWjU - The Windmill Song

    http://www.youtube.com/user/RPGMusicDotOrg#p/c/044673273F29EB2E/18/CHNx7VCOEek - Sad Forest Drum

    http://www.youtube.com/user/RPGMusicDotOrg#p/c/044673273F29EB2E/29/-AU6oCuaaHs - Mine of Lights

    Anything from this game would be awesome. I would mostly just love to see one remix of this game for the site as there aren't any yet.

    Thanks for reading my request and good luck on your future endeavors.

  6. YAY deadline! Can't wait!

    Hey Fishy, is Loss of Me really still unclaimed?! Could I put my Rose General track in for that (I know it's been released for two years already, but...)

    It was a great track and you should feel proud, but I stand behind the idea of new tracks for the albums. You download an overclocked album to a game you've played knowing exactly what to expect, yet you are completely surprised every time because while everything feels familiar it's been played in a way you've never heard before. That's the magic of the remix album, and while Rose of May is a great song most of us have been listening to it for almost 2 years now. A fresh take would be welcome.

    Also I really wish I could help with this project. I loved the entire FFIX soundtrack, and I even have some awesome ideas for Battle 2 rummaging around the head, but I can't play any instruments proficiently. I've got about 3 weeks of learning the piano (over the course of my whole life) under my belt, and that's definitely not enough for songs of OCR's calibur. I hope someone has a great vision for the remaining tracks and good luck to everyone..

  7. waaaaaaai would someone epic please claim Eternal Harvest and Jesters of the Moon!? The album wouldn't be complete without those! :puppyeyes:

    I'm pretty sure somebody will probably grab Jesters of the Moon....and make lyrics for two people.....and have one person sing the right lyrics and the other sing the opposite lyrics.

    I'd listen to that.

    Seriously, no Eternal Harvest? 8O

  8. Yeah, it's good to keep a conversation going on in here to keep the page somewhat apparent for people passing by. As for those songs not being covered yet, don't worry. There's still time. :-P

    I'm not doubting the community one bit. Honestly though, I was expecting something like Treno to be first pickable. Maybe I think too highly of the song, it certainly isn't "Stickerbrush Symphony" level of dibs. Still...

    Mostly just been spreading the word to friends about an upcoming release of "the FFIX project". Hope you guys don't mind. Most of them are fairly excited too.

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