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  1. Fantastic and just scary in scale and production/composition values. I always was humbled by Jake's talent and this is yet another masterpiece. Wether you embrace the homage or not, you can not disregard how amazingly polished this "remix" is. Probably the best on the website and so much more. Props to the man, and great vocals from Tommy Pedrini as well.

  2. beta #5: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta5.mp3


    what was added/improved

    - some smoother transitions, added more drum impacts.

    - drums: louder and punchier, DnB drumming is now more varied instead of repeating the same pattern.

    - orchestral main theme has been lengthened much and ends in ridiculously epic fashion (except final arpeggio that I dislike now and will get rif of) / still have to figure out how to end the track.

    I'm starting to get excited about this one :) Most work I've put on a remix so far. Please comment if you listened! Gracias!

  3. PnS9P.png

    version 1.0: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/Xavier_mv_Dang_-_Parasite_Eve_-_Primal_Perspective.mp3

    Hey guys! This is pretty much done even though a "pro" version might come out later! Thanks to everyone who took the time to listen and comment :) Hope you enjoy this 1.0 version.

    · changes since beta5:

    ··· track is pretty much done, the ending keeps it spicy but stays very true to the original Primal Eyes.

    ··· another version of the track might come out sometime since a production/mastering guy wants to play around with it. I have to admit I'm not used to mix such rich tracks.


    beta5: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta5.mp3

    beta3: http://mysterymachine-zine.com/mv/mv_-_parasite_eve__beta3.mp3

  4. The album is out! :)


    It is absolutely free (you can enter 0 and leave an email address) even though donations will help buying more free download spots on Bandcamp.

    You can download it in FLAC or MP3 and you will have access to a lot of bonus art, covers, wallpaper and NSF file! The main website ( http://mm11.xavierdang.com ) will be updated soon with all links/galleries and the FamiTracker file.

    Thanks to the nearly 200 people who have attended the listening party!

    Hope you enjoy the album! Spread the word!



    website : http://mm11.xavierdang.com

    ALBUM DOWNLOAD : http://xavierdang.bandcamp.com

    Youtube playlist :


    The Mega Man 11 soundtrack project (MM11SP) is a 26-track album with bonus tracks of about 45

    minutes in length.

    The idea came from Xavier 'mv' Dang, a video game composer and also known for his

    remixes, who wanted to make a full NES soundtrack and pay tribute to this incredible series that CAPCOM

    seems to have left aside, despite its imminent 25th anniversary.

    While it was clear that no video game would be developed to avoid any conflict of interest, Xavier took the

    liberty of contacting artists to provide artwork for the robot masters, which are the key elements of each

    Mega Man game.

    The project took about 8 months to complete and is about to be released, it will feature :


    23 tracks in FLAC, MP3 ; as well as native formats such as FamiTracker and NSF.


    5 tracks (covers & remixes)


    artwork, pixel art, portraits for each robot master. CD cover, wallpaper, and goodies such as .SIM files for StepMania.


    Once the listening party will be finished on Twitch, the main website will be updated with all relevant links

    and information.

    Many videos featuring the tracks and artwork will be released on Xavier's Youtube channel

    ( http://youtube.com/xavierdang )

    The album itself will be released on Bandcamp ( http://xavierdang.bandcamp.com/ ), in a free « pay

    what you want » format. However - due to to the limit of free downloads, and if there aren't donations to

    buy more free slots – the main website will also propose a mega ZIP file with the album in MP3 192kbps

    format and artwork/extras.

    Here are some older videos that were published a few months ago to

    tease the project. Thank you very much for your time !

    (Sound Man BGM)

    (Teaser trailer)

    (Hammer Man BGM)

    - Xavier 'mv' Dang


  6. I don't understand why anyone would dislike this one. It's extremely catchy, pays great tribute to the original theme, does its own stuff and has exquisite production :)

    Great job PrototypeRaptor! I've played the Youtube version of this on the intro and outro of my Sonic 2 speedrun live commentary ^^ ( http://www.elive.pro/en/watch/fQUtbMvXDT55 ), of course you're properly credited and people liked it a lot!

    Thumbs up!

  7. Hey guys, just thought I'd share this, it's my 3rd 1-hour/2-hour compo track in a row that features vocals, pretty crazy when you think about how I had nearly none in so many compos but the reception has been surprisingly good so here goes :)

    The theme was "father's day/fond memories" and this was written/recorded/produced in 2 hours. Got kind votes and finished 1st/10. It is a personal approach and hopefully I'll have the guts to have my father listening to this one :D I hope you'll like it for what it's worth, thanks for listening!



    fishing on sundays hand in hand

    playing sports with me and my friends

    and you've been hanging around

    when i was a whiny brat, you have

    and if i fail

    and if i slip

    would these still all be

    fond memories

    and if she dies

    if we both cry

    will we hold on to these, hold on

    just for a while

  8. Yay I'm glad someone talented decided to tackle Final Fantasy XIII. Not the greatest game ever, some really cheesy tracks in the soundtrack, but a consequent amount of kickass ones.

    This mix is goodness, production is very solid and juicy as expected, vocals are spot-on, reverb/delays are very tasteful, everything comes out fresh and punchy, it's a great reinterpretation of an already good theme.


  9. http://xavierdang.com/dump2011/LuIzA_-_Waiting_(mv_mastering_02).mp3

    Toyed around with it again, on headphones though so I'll have to check in the afternoon again :)

    Pretty interesting to hear all the different versions we came up with haha.


    - drums changed up a bit, toyed with another additional kick recording.

    - used the lead vocals, panned hard left and right with subtle differences in EQ and form, then applied the double-lead vocals in the middle, but very quiet and high in EQ just to add some more color, more delay on the whole thing too.

    - The EQ on the whole track is less aggressive and more in line with a foo fighter-ish feel.

  10. I only did it because LuIzA is a sexy beast.


    edit: reuploaded at 2:30PM CET (louder version)

    Made most of the work tonight with headphones so I readjusted some stuff this morning with monitors. It's hard to master a full rock track but this was a lot of fun and the track is great so thank you for the distraction :)



    - used the DI recordings for guitars, hard panned and using various Guitar Rig 2 presets.

    - bass was guitar-rigged, EQ-boosted and compressed.

    - used Melodyne on both lead vocal recordings just to correct tone deviations so that they don't conflict with each other (still a few odd spots but i could fix that later). mixed both (48L/40R I think since one was louder), compressed them some & boosted the EQ in mid/hi frequencies and added a very light vocal ambient reverb.

    - used a vocal compressor, light chorus and very light delay on the backing vocals

    - tried to mix drums separately with various compression/eq adjustments, then doubled the kick recording since it was hard to spot otherwise.

    - used a GR preset on the lead guitar, made it a bit quieter when it first plays, then a bit louder during the chorus phases, also has some stadium-ish reverb to it, dumbed down.

    - boosted all frequencies with a multiband compressor on the main bus, rendered the WAV at -0.5db.


    - cut frequencies below 27hz.

    - applied a multimaximizer with hot/crunch settings.

    - 24bit->16-bit

  11. Yeah, Monobrow's track is hot stuff :D definitely one of the album highlights (along with just about every other track!)

    Also, mv, Wonderfall is without a doubt of the most impressive songs I've ever heard. It's such a beautiful, creative and majestic take of the song. Even Emunator can vouch that I barely ever shut up about how incredible it is, heh.

    Thank you very much kind sir :)

  12. I like the ambient nature of this piece, very sad and relaxing!

    I love secret of mana so much, so I'm happy to see a remix of it!

    The violin synth you have doesn't sound too bad at all, actually it does sound nice. For a violin synth it actually has some nice swell and vibrato moments, even if there isn't as much variation in vibrato speed, but if you want me to give you a acoustic or electric version of the part let me know =)

    Thanks for the kind word and proposal! I have worked with a violonist before (Jason "Midee" Zaffary, on my "Hillside" track that can be found on my site) and it was a great experience so maybe I'll take your offer for this, I will finish the arrangement first and see about it :)

    I dig this, man, what I think it suffers most from, however, is simply a lack of texture variety. There's a lot of space to develop your instrumentation, to move the melody around a bit, etc. I really like the backing sounds and the whole feel of the track, but your violin(s) really dominate the mix and I keep hoping for a more definite relief with some kind of instrumentation development or register development.

    You bring an interesting point, this kinda goes for a Tim Story/Brian Eno feel and they usually rely on relatively intimate/limited instrumentation. I will definitely try broadening things and see if that works without disrupting the feel I want for it. Thanks a lot for the input :)

  13. Hey guys. Started this tonight and I'm starting to like where this is going :) Some things to fix of course but please let me know what you think of it so far, and don't hesitate if you have suggestions.

    VERSION 0.4 : http://xavierdang.com/dump2011/mv-angelsfear_ambient0.4.mp3


    0:00 -> 1:00 = mostly piano in that intro, it's a little bland right now even though this is ambient so I might see what I could add in this.

    1:00 -> 1:33 = this melody is actually from Seiken Densetsu 3 (japanese Secret of Mana 2), but I thought it was fitting well since it's a melancholic melody and uses a relatively close backing.

    end = despite this WIP having an "adequate" ending, I plan to make this much longer, possibly 5-6 minutes, because ambient needs its time ^^

    Thanks for reading and listening! :)

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