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  1. I seem to remember two "Lufia 2" remixes on the general battle theme (the one that played during regular battles), that appeared in the WIP section a year or two ago. They were both Rock remixes, and they both were very close to being completed when I last checked. I haven't checked on them since then, but I had downloaded it to my MP3 player and loved listening to the unfinished pieces. My MP3 player broke a little while ago, and now I would like to get those songs back. Does anyone know their status and their whereabouts? I looked in the Lufia 2 remix listing as well as the WIPs. Any mirror of the most recent (or completed) versions of the remixes would be much appreciated.

    UPDATE: I found one of them. The title is "Stand Tall", and I found a fairly recent version.

  2. I've listened to the song a couple of times, and I have changed my mind a bit. When I first heard the song, I thought it was a little weird having the Lo-Fi, however I now realize that it is pretty cool. The voice rizz I think is sensational. The coice of instruments is interesting, and I think I heard some anchient instruments- ¿is that southwest asian?- mixed with some fantastic choices of leads. (And is that a fire I hear in the background?) The backG is OK, but I believe this is probably the weakest part of the song. Needs another layer. The transitions are very smoothly done, something you no longer see that often in mixes. I do think a little slower on the intro was neccesary, but not critical. The song is very strong musically. However, the song also is a great testiment to Mega Man; I keep flashing to jumping those lava pools in the beginning of Fire Man's board. It sticks close enough to the original, but mixes quite nicely.

    :wink: Oh, and by the way, I still believe that while MM2 did has some excellent material, MM6 is still the best tracks to hear raw.

  3. I want everyone to know that since the very first time here, I always had a burning desire for someone, ANYONE to make a MM6 Remix. I think that MM6 had the best tunes of all the NES Megamans, and I was surprised that no one put anything out there.


    That said, I think this song is sensational. I cannot get over the voice, the... ok. Maybe I'm just over-reacting because I love MM6 and I love the voice. The song is demoted to a really good song. However I still believe that EvilHorde is god, and that I am glad he made this mix

  4. Ahhhh.... Ninja Power.....

    But enough with that. This remix has it all. Remixing is done at a level most never dare go. Drums really bring out the song. No, what REALLY brings out this song in its fullest is the base. Kudos to you both. Short interms give the song flip flop the song, while the handclaps bring out the beat. Its a shame no one really pays attention to TMNT songs, they give room for so much.

    NINJA POWER! COWABUNGA! ok. I'm done.

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