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  1. EDIT:

    URF Tier List Update

    Kayle Tier > Everything Else

    I'm not the best Kayle, but she is pretty strong there, I have a hard time putting her that highly though, in the ones I played I basically couldn't do anything but hold out til I get Nashor's (or at least Stringer + Fiendish Codex). The cooldown may be useless but the AP+Attack Speed is still needed to me.

    Prior to to that, you kinda gotta hold back and hope for heal to save you and being able to keep up E forever is a deterrent.

    After you cross that though, you're good to go.

    I found Galio to be a nightmare earlier when I was playing Fiddlesticks. I've only seen this guy once but he kinda basically has some sorta shield and heal that shut down the whole teams attempts to get him IN FRONT of turrets. Fear and silence helped hurt him on my end but I couldn't keep him down, any delay in that combo and he's basically back to full health. I don't think we had any people with stuns either.

  2. Notice the reverse triad here? Dark > Psychic > Fighting. Grass < Fire < Water. My friend and I were working on a fan Pokemon universe, and we had two of them swapped, but other than that, it was the same sort of thing.

    Dude...that's crazy...and might make the most sense.

    You know,a ll this talk about gen 6 is nice and all, but the only thing I really care about is if they bring back the most important and useful feature in the series... nay, in any game.

    L button = A button.

    I miss Start = X/menu. I know that's actually LESS convenient, but while playing through Black 2 just recently I've had several idiot moments when I was pressing start and nothing happened. Also the touchscreen could substitute for the A button in Gen 4 but that doesn't seem to work in this game.

  3. I'm trying to be hopeful as well that the fire one also won't grow up to be fire/fighting. I mean I like that type, it has served me well since I've chosen fire every since Gen 2 (Gen 1 I had Yellow so Pikachu). But three of the last generations we've had fire fighting, it's time for something new, even if it is just plain fire.

    I heard someone say it might be fire/psychic because of some move they saw. That would be interesting at least, though I'm not sure if that's really a good secondary typing.

  4. I'm still undecided if the names are a reference to DNA or 3d depth (in which case the third game would be called Z).


    Seems to hint at DNA references. Which means the bad guys might try to change Pokemon DNA or something?

    Worldwide simultaneous release is great, I might not pick it up first but it is a definite plus.


    Another rumor is possible trainer customization.

    I don't have to expect much, I'm just glad they're making an attempt to make use of 3ds capabilities. Pokemon Colloseum was pretty fun to me so if they bring some of that feel to this new 3d world, I won't be disappointed.

  5. Yeah I have the same complaints. I know the walking is supposed to make you like vulnerable to slender man or whatnot, but more often than not I'm just walking around.

    As a friend put it, "This is pretty much the game equivalent of that video where it tells you find the black dot and then a face pops up."

    A friend told me you move slow supposedly because you're a child. Though personally I swear I ran faster as a kid than this. I think I might be jogging instead of sprinting though, but I can't seem to figure out how to force it.

    Still...the game did get me a few times. I tried 5 times, I might be done now. I managed 4/8 pages at least.

  6. I finally got going a bit in the Japanese version. I'm not sure what to think of it, I can't call it outright fun...but I haven't stopped playing it for the last three days after switching ships (deleted my character on Ship 9 to move to 10).

    Unfortunately they're having another long maintenance right now and it's going to patch so I won't be playing again for a bit.

    If anyone is curious of the English communities in case you wanted to join they are:

    Ship 2, blocks 20-22,30 biggest community

    Ship 10, block 20 (and I guess higher?) second biggest

    But sadly character creation is locked on ships 1-5, and 10 for now so unless you want to wait a bit, you'll have to gamble on one of the "other" ships. I know there were English users on 9 before I moved.

  7. nah, it should be fiend because of the judges, they throw CDs that say RESUB RESUB RESUB! (jk lol)

    I like the ideas you have. Shock does seem to work though. I wonder about what colors they'd use, yellow would be horrible to me (I think beast is related to yellow sometimes)

  8. I'm still running as an outsider but..Those all sound like good ideas, I just can't think of what to say until they actually come up with a release for it. A slight warning though be prepared that any customization could cost more CE or crowns (probably with something like this it might go in for a crownsink like Punch). They could prove me wrong but I have very little faith that all options would just appear for free.

  9. I have only two achievements left: 10,000 minerals and all 5-star equipment. So, uh, do I have to hold on to those minerals and feed them in all at once, or can I just keep depositing them until I get it?

    I imagine I have to hold them until I get them all, because it's the hardest-to-get achievement according to Steam stats (and I got #2-#4 and #6 all in the same night).

    Lol, well I'm not one of the steamers but it should work the same way as over here. Just deposit and you'll get them over time. The reason why I'd imagine it's the hardest to get for a lot of them is because you would've actually had to play dedicatedly for awhile to get this and depositing doesn't always have a real value for anyone anyway so a lot of people skip it.

    This was a pretty nice event, I got some friends I worked with for a bit who also skipped doing the missions while we were busy. I didn't finish them all because I'm still lazy but going from 3-2 to 7-3 in a day for no cost was good to me heh..though getting disconnected in a shock arena and then kicked back to haven kind of ended it for me right now lol. I went back to finish it but I don't think I'll sit through the final 30 minutes. I was glad to take this chance though.

    They're promising some somewhat interesting changes soon, I might check in on them again.

  10. haha, I feel too lazy to go for that (always have) but considering the time off, I'd say my skills would be way worse. Anyway my focus tomorrow in the morning and some of the afternoon will be all of the normal missions since I basically ignored them.

  11. Not the biggest update but probably worth a little attention if you played this game and wanted to earn some money or something.

    elevators will have no energy cost from now to Saturday, May 19 at 2pm PST.

    I haven't played in awhile so now I have an excuse to do the low level missions tomorrow haha.

  12. As it's not likely to be f2p anyway, I probably was going to pass anyway. But ignoring that one thing, I was hoping they would try to change it up a bit. I never played WoW so if I did play ESO, it would technically be a new experience for me, but the concept of non realtime and hotkeyed skills just doesn't feel right to me.

    I've seen a lot of people say they should've done something more like Borderlands, I think that would make people happier. Perhaps have it like first person/third person in dungeons only with a group of one to four people, and third person only in towns where there's a persistent world. Maybe even third person in overworld travel, at the very least it would be different.

    However, if nothing else I was kind of hoping they could bring some of their physics system to an online environment. I've recently given Vindictus a shot, it's definitely not a great game but its like the only online rpg game out there that lets you destroy the surroundings and use that in battle as well as predefined traps. Skills have cooldown but the battles are still realtime. TES games have traps and physics (though they're usually not always related) so I thought maybe they could do something like that.

  13. yeah, might've been an Argonian/enchantment because I've certainly almost drowned several times in the game. Though if you wanna go on about suspension of belief, I totally picked a lock slowly underwater after I was almost out of breath. However, given they got rid of instant opening spells, the world sure better stop for me when I'm picking a lock >_>

    Really, I'm not one of those guys totally big on immersion in these games. I like that they have the potential for immersion, but I mostly enjoy the game if it's fun. I'm not going to complain that I can pause the game to drink my health potions because I derped. Like the only issue I have with fast travel is sometimes I can actually run to a location faster than the game thinks fast travel would be.

    Haven't played clear through it or anything but I got lost in it for like three days and ended up getting very little sleep. Some of the NPC's are so damned rude. I needed to be way strong so I could kill more of the smug bastards.

    Yes...stupid NPCs...my undead follower I carry everywhere to store extra stuff is not some dangerous magic and I don't need to be reminded of it all the time :x Sometimes I feel like...oh yeah, I'll show you some dangerous magic.

    I don't have an explanation for the fire thing, I haven't been everywhere yet so I don't even remember a Jovaaskr, but I know all fires don't do damage like in Arcadia's Cauldron, or perhaps you have fire resist.

  14. nah, you're not exploiting it by running the same initial depth. It's very minimal profit and more than likely costly if you go over your mist energy (and you'll have to if you want to make the deadline) because crown production at d9 (or any first depth of a tier) is terrible.

    A real exploit would've been doing something like bringing an alt or knowing people who had alts at the entrances of arenas that could be joined continuously for the sake of farming crowns and mats...but ahem, that was a long time ago.

  15. oh, I see, well it's not terrible, I mean if you're good at dodging, it doesn't honestly matter what you wear. I just know I'm not. So that's why I went with the standard bread and butter stuff. But even though you've put time in, you may still wish to stop and get started on your ideal set because that 1600 energy (helm + armor) could be put into a set you really want to use.

    Piercing defense isn't bad though in some places, but you could be packing Ash Tail with a sword attack bonus for that same effort (50+50+200+200+400+400+recipes that cost no more than 10k). Then you could choose between heading into an elemental set with vog (+fire protection) or more sword damage and slightly less piercing defense with skolver (assuming sword user). If you're not running all of tier 3 with the final cobalt stuff, it'd be a waste to go past 4* since it has no other bonuses, you can just keep what you've got and run JK some more (or whatever other gate, but JK tends to your piercing defense)

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