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  1. I not a knowledgeable guy when it comes down to game soundtracks because i didn't own a lot of games when i was younger, but i am building a knowledge of games and its music, i found OCRemix by watching GTA 4 Bloopers, Glitches And Funny Stuff 7 on Youtube and liked the opening which was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4 Subterranean Kamikaze By Sixto Sounds and Zircon, so i typed Sixto Sounds (Not knowing what OCRemix was at the time) into youtube and it came back with 2 of my favorate songs by Sixto Sounds, Go The Distance and The Unholy Wars from the Summoning Of Spirits album. I followed a link in one of the videos and found OCRemix.

    My Favorate Artist is Sixto sounds because he remixes in the style of rock and I am a guitar fanatic so I always find myself playing lots of his remixes.


    "We are each our own Devil, and we make this world our Hell"

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