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  1. On 1/31/2021 at 8:54 PM, Wolflord said:

    Partially true.

    This track was track 2 in the Japanese Salamander Famicom release, and track 5 in the NES port.
    Not used in the Arcade ports.

    No mocking, just laying down facts.
    Also, I dig this tune.  Sadly it comes off a bit tinny on certain speakers.  

    Huh. You learn something new every day. Thanks for the insight; I actually didn't realize that about the Famicom soundtrack.

    Not sure why it comes off tinny on some speakers, but it sounds just fine with mine - and I have to agree, this song is really great.

  2. Did you know that "Thunderbolt" is actually the Stage 5 theme? I'm not looking to mock or anything; I'm just curious. The actual Stage 2 music is known as "Starfield" - that's the stage that features Tetran as the stage boss. Stage 5 is the one that has you going up against the Pharaoh mask at the end of it. I'm a bit of a Konami shmup nut, so... just wanted to try and set the record straight here.

  3. As a peruser of video game music, I find this new album to be a welcome change of pace, especially since I've been playing JoD for a while now. I liked all the different renditions of "Dreams Dreams", especially the 30-fan collab. It seems that every album released is better than the last, and I want to congratulate everybody that worked on Lucid Dreaming for a job well done. :-D

    Keep up the good work, keep those albums coming, and keep dreaming!


  4. Some music never gets old, does it?:smile: November finds me and my iPod in a couch, listening to a VGM Christmas playlist. Among the songs are two remixes found on this site: "Merry Little Christmas" from Christmas Nights... and this song. They both remind me of when I opened a wrapped present in 1999 to find a Game Boy Pocket inside.:grin: Amazing how it's come a long way since then. Where will it lead next...?:wink:

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