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  1. Each time you have a repeated section, just simply change it up somehow. For example, if you have a particular melody for the verse, try putting a different rhythm beneath it and/or imply the chords rather than playing all the chords normally etc. That tactic is actually quite effective because harmonically it is the same, but the listener likely won't notice unless they listen closely. You can also make changes to the melody, add counter melodies, modulate to a different key etc. You can also change the instrumentation or surprise the listener a bit by making the phrase end differently than they expected. Basically.....just make repeated sections noticeably different somehow lol.

    However, some people say "change the genre". I'd advise against doing that. At least, I would not make a piece where the verse is metal, the chorus is dubstep and the bridge is country. If you have elements of multiple genres, you should have just that; "elements of multiple genres". Like how in this trance track I just did, there was an orchestral break in it, but there were always some orchestral elements throughout the rest of the track. So it doesn't seem out of context with the rest of the piece.

    nonono! i dont mean switch genres in the middle of the piece, i mean try writing something in a different style to get you completely out of your comfort zone!!

  2. Here are some thoughts:

    The main theme is basically just a 3-note riff but i think you managed to keep the song interesting by changing and adding stuff, good job on that!

    I find the track sounds pretty dry and a bit empty in places.

    That synth at 2:14 is a bit loud and exposed, and some notes seem to be off-key ( 2:31, 2:39).

    In my opinion the part from 4:18 - 5:15 (with the new drums) sounds best, i like how it builds up.

    At 5:15: I think you could keep going with the new drums (but add the Bassdrum on every quarternote?) instead of changing back to the old drums.

    (Sorry if my english is a bit strange)

    i used a bit of accidentals in the part at 2:14, but yeah, it is a bit loud. thanks for the critique! and i appreciate the compliments on the drums, i really like the drum work i did there too :)

    at 5:15 i wanted it to calm down towards the ending so i switched the drums out. dont worry about your english, it is just fine.

  3. Or maybe you dont like/tired of his style, he is not exclusive to one style of electronica music, and modulars are screaming devices waiting to be "pew Pew!!!" :tomatoface:

    I like his music when isn't his "style", like

  4. I think he already has reported the infringement.

    And yeah, it doesn't let you report it unless you're the owner of the music or an agent of the owner. If you're not directly involved, it doesn't let you do shit (which begs the question... why have that option if it does nothing?)

    To keep random people from reporting the violation? If they didn't add it people who see a violation would think nothing could be done about it, or impersonate somebody for no reason.

  5. You don't need to sign your posts dude!!! How much music theory knowledge do you have? What kind of music do you have in mind? These are really helpful questions to know the answers to, but you should really try to focus on not overwhelming yourself right now. There is a lot you can learn, and it doesn't need to be learned all at once. As Rozovian says, start small.

  6. Everyone is, of course, free to not listen. But I find it a hard anime to recommend to anyone unless they enjoy watching people type on a futuristic keyboard while talking about what basically amounts to hacking... while sitting in a giant pirate ship.

    Imagine what more they could do with it! They have giant laser cannons, the handheld versions of which can shoot through a tank! But no-one cares because they'll never actually use them anyway. Heck, during the "battles" Marika's entire class of high-school girls spends their time giggling while talking about how awesome and fun war is.

    Well sorry that not everyone wants to watch action series all of the time!! Sometimes a brotha wants to get his speculative fiction on, and in such a case Moretsu Space Pirates is absolutely fantastic. I don't watch Moretsu Space Pirates because it's the #1 space piracy show or anything, I watch it because it's really fascinating and doesn't try to be too much.

  7. Did you miss the part where they're not actually pirates? Or even privateers for that matter?

    They're what basically amounts to a stage troupe who are paid to "rob" ships.

    You claim I have a short attention span? If I had a short attention span would I watch the -monogatari series? I somehow doubt it. The core of the matter is that Mouretsu is a dull anime which has taken nine episodes to finally decide to go anywhere... assuming it actually does go somewhere.

    How dare you!!! Have at thee, knave!!!

    Other people: Don't listen to this guy, Moretsu Space Pirates is actually really cool.

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