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  1. I made this about 3 years ago with a friend one Christmas eve. It's an arrangement but I wasn't sure where I might post it alternately...I got the urge to do swing/big band arrangements of Christmas tunes . While many of them originally had been done by big bands, that's just one of my favorite genres and I wanted to do my own take. I'd like to revisit it to spruce it up and get to other tunes.


  2. Agreed! It's too bad your Kickstarter didn't get funded...this take already sounds good as it is, can't imagine what you could've done with the extra studio time!

    Thank you Chernabogue and Dhsu!

    There is a group taking a couple of my arrangements this year with recording equipment so hopefully I can get some good new recordings, and this time with trumpets and flutes and percussion! (the group in the sonic recording didn't have trumpets or flutes and the percussion would have been easier to do in post production but due to some instruments dragging time it might have sounded weird to add them)

  3. I started a crowd sourcing project a while ago through a non kickstarter page but now, I have some audio that would give me a little more credibility for kickstarter browsers:


    My goal is to raise $8,000 to hire an orchestra to record my Sonic the Hedgehog Medley and Halo Suite. I previously attempted to record with an orchestra the Sonic tune but unfortunately because I could only fund one hour of recording time, we couldn't finish the entire project! So now I am raising the funds to hire the orchestra for the amount of time I need to finish Sonic and to record my Halo Suite. At the end of my video you can hear clips of the different pieces from sonic 1,2,3 and knuckles that we recorded.

    Sonic: GENESIS, A medley of some of the most well known tunes from the GENESIS years including: Green Hill Zone, Metropolis Zone, Final Boss theme (sonic 3), and Sky Sanctuary Zone, and the 2nd recording will be my Halo Suite, which includes Impend, Peril, Unforgotten, and The Ark: Farthest Outpost.

  4. That was very impressive. It reminded me of Mario Galaxy music. Have you done Sonic on orchestra? That must have been awesome. Yes, I would like to hear more unique arrangements as well. But you got a great thing going here. So many possibilities. I'll put in my request for some Xenogears music.

    Thank you! I do have a sonic score written out but unfortunately, that orchestra already had a pretty filled program for that night so they only used my Mario and Final Fantasy music. My sonic one ha green hill zone ( different from video games live lol), metropolis zone( sonic 2), final boss theme (sonic 3), and sky sanctuary zone ( sonic and knuckles).

    I'll give a listen to some Xenogears tracks!

  5. Hey there.

    I checked out the page and the video. Quality stuff. Unfortunately, it's all been done before. I'd be much more interested in this project if there was a new twist - something we haven't heard before. But you very well know that these are all properties that appear in Video Games Live!, etc. Why not venture out for something different? How many times can Mario be orchestrated with the melody in the upper woodwinds with xylophone accents? Please don't misunderstand me - what you've done is amazing and not something most people can do. The arrangement of Mario is solid - the chords are very well built, you've picked the "right" instruments to carry the melodies, etc. But I've just heard it all before. Does that make sense?

    Also, how are you going to get the licensing for the Sonic tracks? From everything I know, Tommy Tallarico himself had to pull major teeth just to get Green Hill Zone licensed (which does now allow for anyone in the U.S. to license it), but I'm just curious if you're working with good people.

    Anyway, sorry to rain down on your Mario Sunshine, but that's just my two cents. I bet news outlets and gamers would be much more excited about a Mega Man orchestrated project (while so very often remixed for rock, etc., it's not often heard as orchestral) or I would personally donate body parts for a proper Jet Force Gemini orchestral recording, but I understand that is niche/obscure.

    Best of luck and keep this thread informed!

    No, you have a valid point on the heard it before thing. See, I got into this stuff because of VGL and there isn't much out there for people in full ensembles so the decision to make that smb1 theme similar to VGL was because of its popularity among requests from orchestras. In the to-be released track, it follows my more original take on it.

    Don't worry about sonic. I've gotten a license for Sonic 2 music previously. Was the trouble Tommy T. was having with getting license to perform or record and sell? Considering VGL was such a unique entity when it started, I imagine it would have been hard to get the right deal, but now over the years I think it's become more lax.

    I miss Jet Force Gemini....I played only a few times but it was fun! But by all means, I appreciate all of your cents. Feedback is always helpful!

  6. Hey, just found this thread and yeah this is an awesome idea! If you guys are looking for arrangement ideas, I think it would be awesome to hear a big band/jazz version of
    from Sonic 2. It's practically begging for it. This was an arrangement I was considering undertaking myself and recruiting for, but I don't really have the time right now, and if there is now a OCR big band group forming anyway... :mrgreen:

    The song would require a Frank Sinatra style crooner to be able to belt out some awesome vocals. I don't want to volunteer anyone, but this is definitely something Jesse Deacon (Xarnax42) could handle. Just listen to Calum's FF6 song ("Blackjack's Breakup Bossa") he sang on for zircon's FF6 album contest and you'll understand :-) You'd also need some gratuitous sax and trumpet solos (for sure).

    I'd be willing to help write an arrangement if anyone were interested. I can play/sequence piano too, but it looks like you guys already have that covered.

    I did a Casino Night Zone big band arrangement a few years ago. It was a simple arrangement that I left a huge solo section for.


  7. I have a 5 minute piece I would like to recruit someone to sequence for me, either for barter or for monetary payment.

    It is a medley of themes from the sonic the hedgehog series. ( I borrowed the opening fanfare and green hill zone from Video Games Live) The songs are opening fanfare, green hill zone, metropolis zone, final boss theme ( sonic 3), sky sanctuary zone, and sonic's theme. The instrumentation is 2 flutes ( one doubles as piccolo on my written score), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 bassoons, 4 french horns, 3 trumpets, 2 trombones, 1 bass trombone, 1 tuba, 1 timpani, 1 drum set, 3 percussion parts ( including suspended cymbal, piatti, glockenspiel, snare drum, tambourine, triangle, xylophone) harp, piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, violincello, double bass, and electric guitar.

    Here is a demo of what it sounds like ( note: you can't hear all the parts written because I didn't work on the dynamics)


  8. This is what i mean:


    When the second "verse" kicks in, i added a synth called "Bigger legato strings".

    This synth is playing whole notes, the same notes as the original bass line, but only the first note at the start of the bar. (with some exeptions)

    Note that i also added a sine wave synth for more bass.

    Now the point with this is to add a more dramatic effect. When the climax is building up I changed the legato synth to a tremolo string synth.

    Thansk! I'll take that into consideration when I revisit the score. I certainly need to do some revisions...I was wondering why I wasn't hearing certain parts that made the intro on the reprise of the overworld theme sound more full ( flute and clarinet runs) but when I looked at the score...it turns out I didn't update the winds version after I added it to the orchestra score.

  9. Wow here we go,

    First of all, I like this, I like everything about the Zelda games, and maybe most; the music.

    I watched the youtube video for full nostalgic effect :-D

    Now I don't know anything about you, but I can assume that you work with (or in) a smaller orchestra, correct me if i'm wrong.

    Anyhow you made this, have you thought about the mixing part?

    I don't know what it's called when you work with orchestras. Im talking about how you "arrange" the instruments.

    What i missed in the arrangement.

    At 1:55, when the Dungeon theme kicks in, I was waiting for sub bass, whole note playing instrument. Maybe a contrabass.

    I can imagine that it is kinda hard to "fit" a contrabass in a school orchestra, but have you thought about arranging a Zelda medley for a bigger "band"?

    Really liked it, as music and as a Zelda fan.



    Thanks for the kind words! When you say a sub bass playing a whole note, you mean like holding a sustained note or pedal tone ( the one note that doesn't change over a few chords)?

    I actually have no access to any band of my own. I just send the sheet music out to which ever group asks for it from my youtube account. The ones who end up actually performing tend to be winds syphonies from various colleges. The problem with that though is that all I have to give to them is the written instructions, but I can't convey to each ensemble exactly what my vision for the song was or how It should be interpreted. Hearing an actual band performing Is way better than listening to my terrible synth demos, but the flip side is, sometimes, the players on certain parts aren't that strong, or an important part is missed, or just in recording it, you won't hear certain instruments ( like its very hard to hear the french horns and tuba in this recording). Hopefully some day I can get a group to do a studio recording so the parts come out more clearly. This was originally written for orchestra and should sound more "full" if it ever gets performed.

  10. Not entirely original. I wanted to make a winds version of the Koji Kondo arrangement for all the kids that have gone to a Video Games Live concert and wanted to play it in their high school band. I changed up the instrumentation, did some extra variations on the melody, added the dungeon theme in the middle, ended it with the staff credits theme and my own fanfare.


    Here is a video with game clips synced to it. Kind of adds to the nostalgia.


  11. It isn't "fresh" enough to pass on OCR, but it's very enjoyable, and a lot of fun. Great work! Though I feel I must ask...

    No Sunshine? No handheld? :(

    I'm planning on adding sunshine soon! Probably delfino plaza...

    Nice arrangement, personally I'd've liked to have heard some more dramatic deviation from the original chiptune parts, especially the basslines. It's very coverish, leaning heavily on original lines.

    That aside, instrumentation is tasteful and was an enjoyable listen; must be awesome to hear your work played live.

    If you loved my deviation here, you'll love the Zelda medley I had them perform...being sarcastic of course...since it is pretty similar to the standard Koji Kondo orchestral arrangement, with the exception of a some variations I did, the inclusion of the dungeon theme, and an ending fanfare I am pretty proud of.

  12. I wrote this for orchestra originally but the Hsin-Chu Wind Symphony had me re-write it for all winds for their video game concert last month. Unlike the orchestral recording I have, this ensemble used the alternate ending I wrote. And this time, the man on drum set actually played most of the patterns I wrote!


    oh and here is a video with clips synced to the music


  13. This is more or less done, but I always update my scores when I get new ideas while listening to older versions. This was my first concert winds video game medley I ever made that was not influenced by any pre-existing arrangements, considering there are no medlies that I can find that use more than one theme from SM64.

    This is a rehearsal recording of the WPI wind symphony. The mp3 I got is really quite for some reason so turn up you volumes. I hope to get a video soon of their actual concert so stay tuned.

    It opens up with the "Peach's letter" jingle, followed by the opening theme, bob-omb battle field, dire dire docks, Bowser's theme, then staff credits. Most of the songs are pretty straight forward orchestrations of the original tunes, but I did add my own things. Dire dire docks features a kind of "island" sound to it, I changed some of the chords on the staff credits theme to include a 7th which I always thought complimented it, and of course I put in some extra counter-medleys.


  14. The Young Classic Sound Orchestra is supposed to record this for me at their concert in march along with the winds version to be performed by the Hsin Chu wind symphony in China. While staying familiar with the arrangement Kondo originally made for orchestra, I wanted to keep the themes closer to the original source tunes. It is mostly the Overworld theme, with some variation to try and keep it interesting, followed by the Dungeon theme, a revisit of the overworld, then finally the staff credits theme and my own original finale. Not the best sounding thing in the world but I only play off of Sibelius until I get recordings from real bands.


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