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    Cheesecake, the musics, doggos and cates

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    Shamisen, Mandolin, Ocarina, Ukulele


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    Callum Kennedy
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    Music Teacher
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  1. Hi Tuberz McGee,

    I'm the manager of the online radio station Chiptune, part of the non-profit network, which also hosts OverClocked ReMix Radio. The Chiptune radio station hosts both chiptune original soundtracks as well as original songs from indie chiptune arrangers like you. We already host Nullsleep, Alex Mauer, virt, Random, RushJet1, and Bit Shifter as a few of our artists. I'd like to ask your permission to add your album Certainty to our playlist. No songs will be available for download from our site. However, every time one of your songs plays it will have a link leading to your website so listeners can download the album from your site. The link to our website is:


    Tom Helmuth