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  1. I'm not certain of exact terminology or what I should be asking for in detail here. I'm hoping for a really unique gift idea.

    I have two pieces of music, from two different soundtracks, non-VG I'll add. I want a piece of music arranged that recognizably holds both melodies, working with/around each other. Something pretty, orchestral-sounding.

    I don't know what pricing to expect from such a project, or how long it would take...I'm pretty ignorant on the whole process. But I figured this would be the place to come for help.

    I am willing to pay whatever would be reasonable for a request like this.

  2. I've absolutely no skill for it, but I'm not sure where to look for help.

    I want to see if someone could mix together two tracks of music for me into a single musical piece, but the thing is neither is from a video game. One is from an anime, the other from live-action tv. I have both tracks, I just need someone willing to help.

    I'm willing to pay for the effort. Does anyone know where I might look or who might be willing?

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