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  1. Something I wrote the other night because I couldn't sleep. Intended for use in a video game. This is all I could do, the project file wont even open on my computer without a fight. Even then, the project won't play so I have to guess at how it will sound. I'd like some feedback. I know for a fact if you listen to it on crappy laptop speakers you can't hear the bass...something I should probably fix.

    EZ Drummer

    NI Massive (Lead, Pad)

    Dimensions LE (Hammond Organ, Bass)

    EWQLSO Gold (Xylophone, French Horn, Timpani, Church Chimes)

    Church Organ 2nd (Great free VST)

    My own samples


  2. You're right. Personally I don't like when covers deviate too far from the source but I suppose I should try to do something. I've got some cool things in mind as far as mixing in some new themes. As for more instruments, that's probably what the fix for the empty feeling is. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. Hello there, my first time around here! I recently started doing a series of covers from the sonic series. It's something I've wanted to do since playing the sonic games on my genesis with my friends back in elementary school.

    Here is my cover.


    Here is the source

    I didn't change too much except for the rhythm of the bass in the verse. I would like to think I'm finished but I can't help but think that the track sounds "empty", like I'm missing something.

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