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  1. How fortunate! I just happened to drop by to listen to Holy Mother (2353) when away from my regular computer, and I saw this in the sidebar and said 'hey, Metroid 1!' and then it was a remix of Ridley's lair, which has been sorely neglected, and I caught it only 9 days after release!

    Anyway, this is properly creepy. I like all of the effects except for the momentary volume fadeout around 0:50. The disintegration fits with the long-term theme of Ridley as described in the intro. I was somewhat surprised that only the parallel-whole-tone sequences remained through the bulk, with the melody generally absent.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I just downloaded this song, and while it really kicks holes, I think the original song is from the Ninja Gaiden series, not Zelda : Ocarina of Time. Has there been some sort of mix-up, or have I completely lost it? 8O
    lol you lost it dude....

    No - not entirely. There tune is different, but the harmony line is practically identical to the theme from Ninja Gaiden used in the Basilisk Run remix. So much so that when this came up and I looked at the title, I did a double-take. "This... isn't Ninja Gaiden, with the harmony line put on top?" said my internal voice. The voicing here really brings out the similarities, too.

    Anyway, I like it even on those terms - as a Ninja Gaiden remix, even though it isn't one.

  3. And for someone who asked, the source:


    I do love the Carmina Burana and opera, so I hope something like this gets attempted again. But this needed work, in my opinion.

    To be precise, the source is the Goliard poetry from 800 years ago or so. But Orff does 'own' this, by which I mean he did a pretty definitive treatment and if you're going to use it otherwise you have a steep hill to climb.

    The lyrics don't even seem to fit. Especially at 5:00 the guy's basically saying "The girls are making fun of me!" but the music is trying to make it epic... utter mismatch between music and words. This ain't 'Circa mea pectora'.

    Also, it's mihi, not michi

    Ego-mei-mihi-me-me. If you have some super-authentic 13th century French/German latin pronounciation guide, please show it to me so this will stop sounding all derped up.

    The male soloist sounds strained, like he has inadequate breath support, or maybe it's a pop-ish style thing that bled over.

    Aside from that, I like the music.

  4. The name makes me think it's about financial instruments.

    I would so like to see a good redo of FF3/5/T system. Something with a not-utterly-abusive-and-unbalanced level-up mechanic, please.

    Something where each job does give a level up bonus so there's a long-term commitment (unlike FF5), but the level-up bonuses are all roughly as good as each other (by some metric that is somewhere near vaguely balanced). This goes x10 if there is level-draining.

    Something only as abusable as FF5's system, not as much as FFT's system.

    Something with JP feeding into a tree or sphere grid thing instead of a buffet which punishes actually learning anything (FFT) or a strict linear progression (FF5).

    Maybe buffet works if you only get JP for the first time each in-job skill is used in a battle. Then you want to get as many cheap skills as possible so you can train your JP faster.

  5. I accidentally started playing this at almost exactly the same time as Trenches - Burning Vigil. Didn't notice at first since this was so much louder.

    The sum was kind of weird, but they synch up quite well. I realized there had to be something strange going on around 1:00 when the Burning Vigil tune comes in audibly.

    Didn't think it would go well together, but then you get the middle part with the repeated SFX, and that actually kind of meshes well with it, though the Burning Vigil track is louder at that part.

    But by 2:30 it's kind of fallen apart. It kind of works for a moment during the stutter part at the end.

    Oh well, just a funny observation.

    On the track on its own: good, though it's not quite up to Sixto's 'The Shredder'. And, about the scratch part? Umm. Yeah. I'm not sure what to make of that, even listening to this track on its own. That, and the female voice telling me to enter the Shredder. Just gives me a ???

  6. My hair is standing on end from listening to this 17 times in a row. Actually, it was standing on end about a third of the way through the first time, but the remaining 16 2/3 times just hammered it in. I feel like I've got six characters in my party, and one of them is Bahamut.

    It's like someone projected the glow Mahler's 8th symphony through Dancing Mad, and this is what came out.

  7. I haven't played any FF after 9, so let me get this straight.

    10 is the one with the sphere grid and Tidus and the summoner and the guy in the red coat who's kind of already dead, right? And Blitzball. And a continuity-maintaining sequel (wtf) that seems to mainly be a dress-up game (wtf x2 combo)

    Of FF's 11, 12, and 13, I think I remember that one of them was a MMO, and one or more was written for PC instead of being console-only.

    Any distinguishing characteristics that I can grab onto in my head to keep them straight? Given what was said above, it seems that none of them are worth playing anyway...