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  1. so i had an idea for the Link's Awakening track "Link and Marin's Duet," to make it a vocal duet between link and marin, complete with plenty of shipping (otp, if you ask me). i can provide the male vocals and lyrics, but i am unable to produce any of the background music or female vocals (at least, any that would be worth listening to.) i don't have any of the final lyrics as of yet, but given any motivation at all, i'd have them written quite quickly. anyone out there in the OCR cosmos think they could help me out?

    a link to the track:

  2. As a general rule, not unless you're working directly working on a track for the project. Like other projects on OCR we don't want material leaking out before it's ready to be previewed or mastered for the release. We may share other wips from the tracklist with a performer once they're directly involved for additional collaboration and feedback, but we haven't decided exactly how that aspect of the project is going to work just yet.

    makes sense to me. just didn't wanna get left behind :)

  3. No need to be sorry, to be honest I am going to need reminders as the project goes on because there's a lot to keep track of. Although we've been a bit quiet in the thread it's mostly because we've been hard at work on the project. So far we have a team of around 10 remixers all working on tracks at various stages of completion. While we have lots of vocals planned and tons of potential for more as the project progresses and evolves, none of the tracks are ready for performers just yet because we're focusing on the concepts and arrangements. Our approach is a little more time consuming but the WIPS for our existing tracks on the album are already sounding amazing. We've also have some stunning art concepts and near-finished paintings thanks to Keiiiii, who is running art direction and working with artists. I am trying to keep our efforts focused on the first disc in hope of releasing some kind of preview or promo for you guys in 2013.

    @Theory of N, awesome, thank you!

    @Dudebob, thanks, I've responded on your wall :)

    no worries! i look forward to when i can start contributing, and it's good to hear that things are moving along. is there anywhere we can hear wip's? no pressure if there's not, you've already got plenty on your plate

  4. i have started writing lyrics that match up nicely with the ballad of the windfish from link's awakening, and was wondering if someone would want to help me put them to music, as i'm not as inclined toward composing music as i am to performing it. also, as they're not finished, i could write it a number of different ways, including as a duet between link and marin, about whom they seem to be so far.

    the beginning, as a sample:

    "I woke up

    on that shore

    and couldn't see or hear.

    then she came

    from above

    to my side"

  5. True. Which is why we are tackling this beast one CD at a time or as they are going to be called "Days".

    an excellent idea, however, how do you plan to account for the following?

    aren't there four temples? plus, there is an initial three day cycle.

    if these "days" are purely for our use and will not be transferred onto the final presentation of our project, disregard this whole post

  6. I'm still waiting for your audition and your Deku Palace WIP. Other than that I could use some help with the lyrics in the first CD.
    Thanks for the 411 (I think that's what kids call it now a days). I think it is at last time to submit this project in for an official license. For now, all wips, critiques, discussions, etc about this project will be on the Wiki:


    Any questions, please PM me or post the question on the Q&A section of the wiki.

    i'm with you on that. you've learned how this process works?

  7. A thought occurred to me while I was working on the song description:

    This album project is called Tears of the Moon, as a reference to the first item in the trading side quest: the Moon Tear. I'm wondering if we should make mention of the trading side quest in the musical or not? Do we make the extra effort to include it or not? What are all your thoughts on this? Please comment.

    we could simply weave it into other songs. like a line or two in each. the introduction to castle town would have the scrub vendor asking for one, the astral observatory would have you find one. a clock town reprise would have the trade, and so on

  8. on the subject of boss fights, and dungeons, we could have like a dialogue between the boss and tatl as link progresses through the dungeon, crescendo-ing until he reaches the boss room, where the boss monologues about how inferior link is and how majora/skull kid are so much more fearsome and powerful. we'd need very distinctive voices for the four bosses, though. odolwa would have a deep voice, goht a warbly tenor... and so on

  9. so i'll have my audition in very soon. my parents got rid of the computer i've been using (long story), but i have my own new laptop coming very soon (it shipped on monday), so i'll have stuff for you as soon as my new laptop is set up! sorry also that i've been disappearing so much, i've been pretty busy. i'm pretty sure i'll be back full force very soon

  10. I've made this special little album art work for the project and I want your guys and gals opinions. What's going to happen is when I get everyones album art work, I will put parts of their artwork into the Tear.

    Also, there will be T-Shirts!

    is it possible for you to close his lips a little? idk, it feels...toothy. it would make a fabulous tee shirt, though!

  11. Me again. I've been thinking about lyrics for a few days. I'm gravitating towards the first time Link enters Clock Town, unless that's taken. I feel early stuff would be a good match for me, as it can have a lighter tone than later events probably should. I have a quirky, fun writing style.

    So I guess I just need to know if Clock Town is even available first. If it is, I'll have a few more questions before I get started.

    Also, if I may butt into you guys' discussion... The owl probably shows up before every region and reprises his song, right? Since, in game, he's little more than a guide for the player, one idea is having him actually introduce each act, essentially acting as the narrator. Whether he's talking to Link or the audience, his lyrics should be poetic and cryptic, with sagely insight about time, fate, and life. That's my opinion, anyway. I'd be willing to take a crack at these lyrics, too.

    The Clock Town, First Day has not been taken yet, so you can go and take it. It's funny you should mention clock town because I got a guy on Youtube who is interested in tackling the music for the second day. I have some notes on this thread about the idea of the first day in Clock Town, so be sure to look at that. But to summarize: The theme of Clock Town, First Day is one of busy energy and excitement for the up coming festival, but at the same time there is the ominous shadow being cast from the moon.

    I love the idea for the Owl and would like to combine that idea with another idea I had: We could use the Song of Time as a sort of interlude into the next area. For example, when going from Deku Swamp to the Snow Mountain first a horn section will play the Song of Time and then slowly the drums will take over the song. The Owl can come in with the reprise of his song after this while still caring the theme of the song by having the drums play during his song as well.

    i'm a fan of all of the above ideas, for what it's worth

  12. Lyric Writers put your WIP lyrics up here:


    i'm liking what i'm seeing here. naturally, some are a little hard to hear without a little help, so i maintain that demos will be a necessity. guru-guru's song and the great fairy's part come to mind right off the bat. don't worry about vocal quality for those, they're just for the benefit of the reader so as to better understand how the track will sound. it also helps when writing to sing it, so as to hear how well the words work with the rhythm

    mangaman, feel free to put those songs into whichever act they belong as they come in. i can keep track of which are wip's and finals and such in the track list, which i was thinking would only be a list of the order of the songs and who is involved in each.

  13. i just had the idea to maintain a cast list on the wiki. there are a few different ways we could go about it, though.

    1. a list of all the characters in the show on the homepage and who is voicing them

    2. a list of all the characters in each act and who plays them at the beginning of each act

    3. a separate page for the cast list

    4. having the name of the person who voices the character in parentheses after the first instance of the character's name before his line


    link (champ the hippie): this is the line to the song i'm singing

    tatl (mangaman): why are you singing this song?

    link: because i'm tired of my silent mantra!

    tatl: i liked you better silent!]

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