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  1. Whenever I lack inspiration or even emotion, I listen to Koichi Sugiyama's compositions from the Dragon Quest VIII Symphonic soundtrack. The one that inspires me the most is "Sky, Ocean, and Earth". The way the song begins makes me think of running/escaping and freedom. The song makes me feel free for the couple of minutes that it plays. When it ends, I start it all over just to capture that feeling again.

    Another song that greatly inspires me is "Liz On Top of the World" composed by Dario Marionelli from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack. If I could, I'd swallow that song in order to keep its essence inside of me. "Sky, Ocean Earth" makes me feel free and reminds me of freedom, but "Liz On Top of the World is freedom in audio format. It gives me the most inspiration above all others.

    I guess that's why I love music so much. It makes me feel things that even people can't make me feel.

  2. 'Caved-in Chrysalis' sounds very cool. When it first started it reminded me of the ending theme from FLCL, 'Shooting Star'. As the song progressed I began to appreciate the drum and bass elements in there. I love drum and bass.

    'Fever Dreams' sounds like ambient nostalgia. It's the perfect track to chill to. I love the percussive dissonance that begins around 3:16. It has a magical sound to it. I can't explain it.

  3. I like this mostly because of the repetition. Some people will say that it's too much, but I love a song with repetition. More so because it's reinforcing the motif. That's how it gets stuck in your head. This sounds lovely. Some parts could use more energy but I still love the way this sounds. And you named it perfectly. The song expresses the feeling of being lost perfectly in my opinion.

  4. So how about it? Has a game ever gotten you to tears? I remember when I was younger Final Fantasy 10 got me teary around the end of the game.

    Glad to know I wasn't the only one that cried at the end of FFX. I just honestly didn't think Tidus would disappear, because he was one of the main heroes of the game. I guess I'm just too used to seeing happy endings. It caught me off guard. And then I was also sad because I spent a lot of time playing that game, and to know it was coming to an end was very sad.

  5. boyinaband's youtube channel made two really interesting points about that using cats as examples. one point was saying that comparing two musical styles saying one was more "musically expressive" than the other was like comparing a cat to a dog. Both can be fun and loving pets, but both animals act differently than the other, and oftentimes, different than other animals in that same breed.

    The other point was saying that comparing musical styles and saying one isnt " real music" was like looking at two cats, one wearing a tophat, and saying that the cat with the tophat on wasn't a real cat because it had a hat on. really clear and playful way to look at it if you ask me, makes arguing over genres seem silly.

    Thank you very much for posting this. You are so right, and I absolutely agree. It's nice to see something explained so perfectly, since I don't possess that talent myself. :lol:

  6. Video game music isn't "more real" than any other kind of music. Saying that is just as bad as those folks who write-off VGM because it's from video games, saying things like "it's not real music" or "it's not legitimate."

    There is also a lot of music from video games that is totally boring, formulaic, and forgettable.

    I love VGM, but there is literally SO MUCH music out there that is brilliant and worth listening to that isn't VGM. All you have to do is look around for 5 minutes on the internet and you will find some really amazing stuff.

    I wasn't knocking ALL music that isn't VGM as a whole. I was knocking the stuff on the radio. And I agree there is VGM that is boring and forgettable....it just so happens that I don't listen to that kind lmao.

  7. Video Game Music to me is so much better than what's out now. I mean you have mainstream rock, hip-hop, and whatever you wanna call that crap that plays occasionally on the radio. I've lost my love for it over the years, and I've been listening more and more to video game music. Not even for the fact that I want to become a composer, but more so because I appreciate the way it makes me feel. The music is more real.

  8. A lot of this is learning how real instruments work and how they're orchestrated. Once you have a grasp on that, it's much easier to figure out how to make things sound better/more realistic with your computer. Prior to taking classes from Berklee, I purchased Music Composition for Dummies and I got a lot of mileage out of it. This is probably not the most direct answer to your question but I personally thing it's a good road to start going down.

    Truer words have never been spoken. I bought the same book and it helped me more in 1 hour than a friend could help me in 1 year. It's a really informative book. I can't really recommend any other books, but I know of some good websites:

    Free Online MIT Music Courses

    Making a MIDI Orchestra Sound Real

    Music Theory and Classic Jazz Harmony

    How to Make 8-Bit Music (very good for learning the way sound waves work)

    Teoria - Music Theory Web

    Hope that helps. :)

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