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  1. Despite popular belief (since im a guitar player) I didn't do much guitar on this, just some solo trade offs. All other guitar is carbo which deserves to be known since he knocked it out of the park. I did play all the keyboards though since I had just got myself a new synth at the time and well... there you have it.

    Also until you record a snappleman arrangement, you have no idea how nuts he is. Shit was haaaaard!

  2. I have the Roland VG-99 that works using the GK-3 for midi guitar nicely. I do most of my midi control stuff with it although it's uhhh... a touch expensive. You could see if there is anything that takes the GK-3 13 pin connection though more exclusively for midi input rather than dropping the money on the VG-99 itself.

    Plus midi guitar can be a nightmare when it comes to getting it tight 8-O

  3. No, we need to find a bunch of people who are willing to listen to the soundtracks of the many NES games they've never played before.

    I imagine the majority of us do that anyway. There are probably very few people that have played half of the games mentioned.

    Would you believe that I have never played a Megaman game before? Because I haven't. But I still like the music.

  4. I disagree. Typical vote usually comes down to popular vote, and people don't vote for the best tracks on the whole system overall. They vote for the best tracks on the system they will know of. I'm not saying MM2s Wily stage theme isn't good - it is - but because MM2 was a popular game to start off with, that helps increase the awareness of the track overall. Silver Surfer however, I am willing to bet was unknown to the masses until AVGN reviewed it, and even now, its under appreciated. Thats not the fault of the music, thats the fault of the game itself not being popular. I think most people would agree that Silver Surfers compositional creativity with the hardware is more unique and thus sticks out better, but Mega Man has better melodic content. This is irrelevant however because more people would say MM2 simply because they haven't heard the silver surfer theme before.

    Mega Man is a popular as fuck game franchise with iconic tracks for the system, therefore its safer to go with a familiar series for number 1. That doesn't make it the right choice, but the typical choice.

    For the record i'm not saying that Silver Surfer is the best on the nes. I haven't heard every track on the nes, but my point for going with a familar Nes track still stands. I doubt anyone would put something obscure like a Shadow of the Ninja track at 1 for example, even if they thought it was the best.

    Then that does it... we need to find 100 people who've never heard a single NES tune before 8)


    Come on is that not fucking OBVIOUS????

    Seriously tho, I'd guessed what number one would be as soon as I opened the thread. Way for being overally typical with that theshizz, but I'm so happy Silver Surfer at least came top 5. That soundtrack is so underrated it hurts.

    Given a popular vote, it's an obvious choice really for the top spot. I could sit there and explain to somebody how "Generic Obscure Metal Band" is far superior to "Generic Pop Act of this month" but there isn't anything to say that it actually is.

    If the greatness of something is ordained by the masses then regardless of personal preference there is obviously something to it. Strip away any technical brilliance or lack of and it all comes down to just what track sticks with the listener more.

    At the end of it, the "typical" choice is usually the right one whether a person happens to agree or not. It wouldn't be my number one but I certainly understand why it is number one.

  6. Hey... I made a post similar to this when I was living in Florida but here we go again. I've pulled together a live video game music band and we're currently looking for a keyboard player as the last piece of the puzzle right now. We're based in and around Houston, have a good place for practices plus a ton of gear and a load of video game arrangements in the works.

    It may or may not be a long shot, but there you have it. If anybody is interested at all or has any questions then drop me a message :grin:

  7. Yeah, there really isn't an argument on the subject in truth. I understand your point of view and won't say it's wrong because it isn't.

    I just don't think people should be forced to make a loss on these things to play it safeis all. A little working out of the details and we can perfect the art of just paying cost price through donations.

    Anyway, enough of that! I have to say that this album being my first real dive into VG remixing has been a pleasure to work on. I jumped in right at the end but it was all enjoyable and has been fun to do. Roll on the next one.

  8. Brandon just got owned.

    I should add to Dave's comments on the album for X dollars line of thought - OCR plays it pretty tightly when it comes to album printings for legal reasons. That isn't to say that we don't understand the desire to charge just to recoup printing costs, but monetary accountability can be a liability legally, and just one that OCR doesn't want to risk.

    With all respect, this album isn't OCR. The whole thing of physical print runs is for people who simply love having a professionally produced CD. If they could each pay to have their own done at the highest possible quality from a company as they liked, this wouldn't be an issue.

    That however, is not the case and I don't see that it should come out of anybodies pocket personally when all you are doing is providing them with the chance for said CD. Profit isn't being made but that doesn't mean you should make a loss just to play it safe in some way. Nothing wrong with donating to charity at the end of the day.

  9. Considering the CD would come with a poster to boot I imagine it would actually end up closer to $8. In truth, I feel that we're far more likely to lose money on this than anything else but we've pretty much expected that from the start.

    I've already went further than I had to out of pocket to promote the album where possible and I don't expect nor mind not seeing that money again.

    Either way, sorry about the mix up concerning all that. Now people can talk about the actual album 8)

    ... Hat anybody?

  10. The "sale" thing is just a miscommunication problem at the moment that will be sorted very soon, sorry about that. Physical copies are going to be made based on demand simply for the joy people get from a physical version of an album and I have to stress, there is definitely no profit to be gained from them.

    Anything after recouping costs for the creation of the physical copies will be donated to charity as discussed a long time before the album was released between the people involved.

  11. Hey, I've been listening to all things OCRemix for a few years although I gave up my forum addiction several years back. Despite that I am running the risk of once more becoming an forum fiend to see if I can find some musicians.

    What we're looking to set up is a live Video Game Music act which will mainly be rock based. The idea will consist of the band (Dressed as famous game icons) and a group of performers putting on various live act sequences (A'la Monty Python) based on the games and the music we play. It's something we're looking to do more for fun than anything overly serious. The idea would be a few shows a year rather than something to do on a weekly basis.

    I'd recommend a sense of humour for anybody who is interested. We're looking for a second guitarist and a keyboard player... and anybody who might be interested as dressing up as a video game character and being rather silly for a bunch of people as well.

    We're setting the group up around the Central Florida area (I live in Clermont) but with it being only a few shows a year idea and such I'd say anybody within a two hours drive or so is more than welcome since we won't rehearse every week, just once or twice a month.

    Cheers for reading and let me know if you're interested.


    P.S; I'm a rather well spoken Englishman too so maybe just hearing my accent shall entice you... you never know, there are stranger fetishes out there :razz:

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