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  1. This is an overall simple "FL Studio" mastering "Mixer track state" to improve low freq rate or streched music.

    I was developing this combination of filters when I going to try improve some N64 musics sound and i think a got a good result, I figured that combination works with most of others musics I've tried to improve, with some minor adjusts, so I decided to share with you guys and know your opinion of it, if this preset are good or not.

    You can download on 4shared a ".rar" file with the preset and a sample of sound improve: http://www.4shared.com/rar/COCaOxj2ba/FL_Studio_Mixer_Track_State_-_.html

    The filtered track is already EQd, so turn of the EQ of your Mplayer.

    To aply it on Fl Studio just right click on the mixer master track and "File" >> "Open Mixer Track State".

    Below are some information the way efects are used to form this combination, not too much complicated.

    Effects Functions

    Fruity Bass Boost: Recomended to just turn on when musics have weak low freqs (bass... kicks)

    Fruity Filter: More detailed high freq (snare, hats...) recomended to just turn off when higs freqs sound busted with this filter.

    Soudgoodizer: The most important efect are set up with a quarter from (A) type power just to help detail up the music but not busting the vol curves.

    Reduce Reverb: This "Maximus efect plugin" preset are set up with a vol gain line in the middle freqs that helps reducing reverb from over reverberated or streched musics. Regulation of the vol gain line (point and curve tenssion) depends from the vol of the music on the track transmition. Maybe streched musics require a high freqs vol gain curve too.

    Fruity Reeverb 2: A bit of reverb to musics without this effect (the MIDI like ones) just not to sound too "dry".

    Parametric EQ 2: Are set up with a powerfull Dance type equalization (that works with all tipes of music for me). Remember to turn it off when rendering the final project to play it in external devices that already have a EQ, but you can maybe use the curve cordinates like referance to makeup your EQs from other divices if you liked this one EQ set.

    Maximus: Are set up with a good proportion of the high med an low freq vols thats help the music sound cleary.

    Also, you can set the "mixer track" "stereo separation" gauge to around 60% but just only on the music track separated on mixer.

    This "Mixer track state" also works to mastering your music composition project if you use only the "Soundgoodizer", "Fruity Parametritric EQ 2" and "Maximus" effects.

  2. So sad... nobody is obeying the orders of the director... They are using Personal E-Mails to trade feedback, and because of that I trough that's now we shoud to use the e-mails to get feedback. for me this way it's too complicated, makes more sense continue using the Userboard Forum, it's much better, and that is the right way, said the director. but... (¬¬), What they have against this forum?!?!?


  3. Exactly! I registered at the forum solely to give and receive feedback without the WIPs become pulblic for all of OCR (only for remixers who are working with this album) before the release of the album, it seems that there is a time that system was working, but there is one month that I registered there and nothing happens, I posted my WIP thereads, commented in the others and there was no reaction. I ask you to re-use that forum if otherwise we will have to finish our songs without feedback (which is bad).

  4. I'm considering the extra tracks. There are a couple of things that I need to figure out before I make a final decision, but I am considering it.

    As far as the bonus section goes, that is on a case by case basis. If enough come in, then there will obviously be a separate section for them. If there's only one or two, then I may just slot them into the main album. Although I have seen albums with only one or two bonus tracks, I do see your point with that. :wink:

    I understand. But I still want that come 4 or 5 extra songs to classify them as bonus tracks, because I think it still has good themes that has not been tapped. C'mon guys! Someone want to do something that has not been yet?

  5. As far as adding more tracks, I have mixed feelings about that. I mean, yes, there are a lot more source tunes that we're not tapping into, but all in all, I'd say we have a fairly representative selection without having an overwhelming number of tracks.

    I would have to think about the implications of adding more tracks, because I don't want to have half an album's worth of tracks unclaimed at the end of this. I'd like to have even representation for each of the chapters (1-7 and the Goomba Village part of the Prologue), so I wouldn't add more tracks until I was certain that all of them would be filled.

    That said, feel free to voice your opinion on the matter here. I need to be able to gauge interest on the matter, although right now I'm strongly leaning towards no.

    And as a bonus section? I remember that I am producing a music based in battle with the master of the dojo, the bonus section do not need to be very large (more than 8 tracks) but I think it not would be consistent only one extra song, so I hope more people want to get extra songs that are not in the main section of the album.

  6. This remix is for the "Flate Notes" - Paper Mario 64 Remix Project... sorry guys, but at the request of the director of the album I can no longer update my WIP thereads for the reason that the songs of the album should be secret to the public before the release of the album (of course) will have to wait for the end of the prijeto . sorry all.


    Toy Box:

    Train theme:

    General Guy March:

    Keeping Pace:

    I will not update this. ( >_<)

  7. Now the 3rd review of the remix with some improvments:

    I improve the vol levels to give a better EQ, added some variation to the chords, change the drums "samplers", added a litle of variation to it too (nothing much significant), and extended a litle (only 22 secs ( >_<) ).

    This version don't contains all that I wanted to put in comparation with the last version, and have to follow the tip of the Wesl guy there yet ( ^_^), but a think that's already taking long to post a new version.

    I think the corrent progress of this music is 60%, to next version I intend to apply the Wesl guy tips more effectively, add some "Game SFXs", make the "Sitar" from the beguin more present.

    From now on I'll keep the thow last version avaliable for you can compare the progress.

  8. "Club 64" (...) I can do an R&B remix, But I will need a female singer.

    Why, don't include the Theme of "Club 64" and "Living at club 64" both? I think the best stile for this trasck is House and I have a sugestion for the theme of the lyrics: "Love Simple like Paper", I have no talent for writing lyrics, even in English because I'm from Brazil, but I think this theme is good.

    If I can help in any thing about this track, just tell me, I'm already working on two songs but I have enough free time.

  9. you guys don't think this theread cam be moved for the project section, i'm saying this because i'm searching a project to work trough in the project section and found nothing, then by chance i see a post by RECKNEFIN with a tag from Flate Notes, I thought I had forgotten to look at any item in the list of "projects", and then I was to discover that the acessas theread of Flate Notes I had to go into "worckshop" and then "recruit & colaborate.", If there is a rule or condition that make this irregular just let me know, I just think that section is more popular and we would get more views and people in.

    OH! wait! There is! ( O.o) the Flate notes is already in the "Project Section" My prayers were answered!!! LOL

  10. Hi guys! I'm producing a remix of the track's Dojo Master Battle in order to participate in the Project, there is a theme that is the track list of the project but I hope the organizers decide to include this theme. I just sent the draft to the project organizers assess and decide whether or not I'm in

    I'd like you to accompany my WIP thread to give to their criticism.


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