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  1. Well, I gotta say I have been enjoying the hell out of this game. If anyone is wondering how it compares to other fighting games, I would say it's a mix of most of the Fighting games (SFxT, SF4, UMvC3, Blazblue) but leaning towards UMvC3. It's got a speed just under UMvC3, which feels great. It also feels really solid though, kinda like Blazblue. So in conclusion fast like UMvC3, but really tight like Blazblue.

    I also LOVE the animation and art style in this game, superb on every level.

    As for characters, I really like to play as all of them, I'm best with valentine, but I have the most fun as Miss Fortune or Fillia.

    I will say that the final boss can drive you up a wall if you are certain characters and be a cakewalk with others.

    fighting her as Ms. Fortune is a pain cause that third form is mid-air target

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