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  1. Awesome. This theme always give me goosebumps. This one is no exception!

    Same here lol.

    Thank you for the kind feedback :) I've built myself a new PC last month, and I lost the raw files that I used here... and I would much like to resubmit this without having to re-record again (in which case I'd do it diferently).

    Any remixers on this topic? Would you consider that, if I added to this arrangement the first part of the opening theme (the beginning with the organ and then the piano), but composed in a way that would highly differ from the original, this could be approved for OCRemix? Or would that not be enough?

  2. This is my metal (sort of) arrangement of the Opening Theme from Final Fantasy 6.

    I've made this about a little over a year ago and submitted it to OCRemix. They appeared to have found it great, but it wasn't accepted because it sounded too similar to the original, in terms of not having any melody changes, time signatures etc. Anyway, tell me what you think!

    You can download it for free (as far as I remember) at http://last.fm/music/Hiteryan

    Hope you enjoy 8)

  3. Greetings!

    I'm Hiteryan, and amongst many other things, I'm a music composer. Solo, for my progressive metal band, and currently composing the soundtrack for MMORPG Pokémon Universe. I have been a constant lurker at OCRemix ever since as early as 2004, during my SNES gaming spree.

    Yesterday I tried to login and I became shocked when I realised I have no account lol. So here I am! Hopefully will be able to make some arrangements every once in a while, and participate in projects.

    Thank you, the community, for all the wonderful work you have here :)

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