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  1. I think he's trying to convey that he likes originality, and HATES when meaningless pop-y generic vocals "corrupt" otherwise great tracks.

    ...also, I just read that story, and... it's scary. It's scary what we can become, and what we can make you children become. Mind you, it's only a hypothetical, but I believe it could happen, the neglect I've seen these days by parents.

  2. If it sounds good, ocr doesn't care if it came from fart samples or a live recording of a virtuoso playing the most expensive instruments ever in an actual concert hall. if it sounds good, it sounds good. :D

    Old drum machine sounds are used a lot in electronic music, tho nowadays they're typically layered with other samples for a bigger, harder, or otherwise different sound. A remix that only uses old drum machine sounds for its drums would probably have to be made in an 80s early 90s style for the sounds to fit together.

    As for the drum writing, you can make blocky, pattern-y, repetitive drums with any drum samples, and it'll still be blocky, pattern-y, and repetitive, just like you can write intricate, varied, human drums with any samples. A jazz band track should usually have more human drums than a hard electronic track, and some variations and fills will work better in some styles than in others. Ultimately, it's just supposed to sound good. :D

    ^This. It's kinda hard to avoid these drum sounds on a tight budget, they are everywhere now. Unless you want some killer studio chops as a bundle deal. Oh wait...

  3. The Great Suicide of 2012

    Everyone's leaving

    More like the Rapture of OCR.

    Anyway, I'm sorry to hear you lost interest, even though I just got here and barely know you. I hope you are successful in whatever you decide to do.

  4. I love it. It's great to see the (the sequel to the) first proper game I ever played getting some love. I must say, you can still hear th original song in there, which is good. Far too many remixes sound completely different, and while they are often awesome (especially on this site), sometimes you just want to hear a little different take on the track. The style is perfect for listening to in a dimly lit room, later in the evening (which just happens to be where I'm sitting right now). The voice in the background is odd and funny; "silly ideas start coming into your head anyway, and I just start listening to yellow submarine, yeah." HILARIOUS. The mixing and mastering sounds good to me, the sound is nicely proportioned considering what the song is trying to do. I love it!

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