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  1. I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but I'm pretty sure that Dullahan from Golden Sun the Lost Age was impossible to beat. The sucker could get 200 hp back every turn (So you couldn't get into a battle of attrition), could randomly summon Charon to do massive damage to your entire party, and had, among various nasty psynergiey attacks, something called "Formosa Sage", which did a very large and nasty sum of damage to a single character, usually enough to kill them if they were trying to summon anything.

    Yep, I mentioned him around page 80-90....lazy butt, go search ;)

    and it's "Formina Sage."

    I beat him - naturally you have to have all the Djinni to get to him, so I summoned him to hell. Make sure your agility's way up there, and just summon summon summon as much as you can. If you're lucky you'll get two turns off with your first party. When they're down, the parties swap automatically, and you do the same thing over again.

    Took me a couple tries while tweaking my summons and strategy....actually it took me a lot of tries....

    Just hope ya get lucky :P

    And btw, Sephiroth in KH is easy once you get Aeroga - makes a huuuuge difference, at least in Normal mode....and that's assuming you're not too lazy to keep one up.


    He says "Descend, Heartless Angel", if you listen close.

  2. well...he might not necessarily be the hardest boss...but hes the toughest boss off the top of my head: Deadbeard from Golden Sun. (in case that wasnt his real name, its the boss of the secret island with all the great treasures)

    Deadbeard? Meh, he was kinda tough...not as bad as Dullahan though.

    To beat deadbeard I took Garret and all he did the whole fight was use the flash djinn....over, and over....Mia cast Wish when necessary...which was basically during those turns when Flash was not protecting the party....

    which was really only every other turn, so no big deal.

    Ivan and Isaac went nuts with summons and offensive magic, Mia only casting what small spells she can when not healing.

    I have not done any huge tactics-forming for Dullahan other than summoning all I can on him, and letting my party go down...hoping it does enough to kill him.

    And Sephiroth in KH, like I said somewhere a few pages back, is tricky to get the hang of....at first he'd waste me in just his normal form, before I could see any damage to his health bar....

    After I got through that, he wasted me a LOT when he does his "Don't let me die!!!" thing. Dodge roll is your friend :)

    Finally when I survived that, after a LOT of dodging, healing and pathetic attempts to attack him, he did his final form thingie....

    That was easy...I was really glad for my big defense against darkness :)

    I got that part on my first try, then got him down successfully again the next day.

    The trickiest part is just getting the strategy, and I was quite proud to not have looked at any strategy guides, gamefaqs, etc....:P

    lol Mega Man Zero 2....my friend has that game...she showed it to me, I couldn't beat the first level...but then again, I've always sucked at MegaMan.

  3. Lol, this is lame, but I found Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts to be rather annoying....

    Not only do you do it solo (AH CRAP CURE CURE CURE AEROGA!....NOOOOOO MY ELIXER WENT OFF TOO EARLY!)....but he's just a plain old pain in the behind :P

    I think most of the difficulty was getting used to him though....after that it was reasonably easy...though he can still spank ya good if you're freaking out during a Sin Harvest.

    Oh well, fun fight....all for a lame 10 second cut scene that really provides nothing interesting =/

    I really don't recall many bosses giving me too much of a hard time...


    I am the shadow, keeper of light. If you want the sun's power, show me your own.



    One of the few bosses where I've ever relied on a pure blitz/suicide strategy. Summon the crap outta him on my first party (Ivan, Piers, Jenna and Ivan), hope he doesn't spank me too hard first turn....summon whatever's left...commit suicide, and bring in the second party.....and pray that the Random Number Generator gods are kind.

    Not an easy deal when he's summoning Charon on you, one-shotting you with Formina Sage, DRAINING your health....attacking 3 times per turn...

    "Dullahan uses Formina Sage!"

    "Piers takes 690 damage!!!"

    "Piers was downed..." (Wow, wouldn't have guessed)


    "Dullahan uses Charon!"

    "Isaac was downed!"

    Geez, it got lazy that time...wouldn't even give me an ESTIMATE of the damage :P

    Ooo, fun, the spirit of death embraces felix.

    (Yes, I am playing as I type)

    Ah, crap. This fight is over.

    "Dullahan uses Djinn Storm!"


    "Dullahan uses Formina Sage!"

    "Sheba takes 673 damage."

    Hmmm...guess what?

    "Sheba was downed..."

    Next turn....

    "Dullahan uses Formina Sage!"

    "Mia takes 645 Damage!!!"

    "Mia was downed..."

    Hmm, the spirit of death seems to like garet here.

    And there's charon...


    I quit.

  4. ehehehe...now that vgmix is down, you just thought it wise to put it here so those that didn't get a chance to download it there can have it here? ;)

    or not. maybe you just wanted it on ocr just because...

    after listening to it more since I first reviewed this on vgmix, i have a few more things to say...

    the part at 1:53 seems strangely familiar...or it's just the style you chose.

    but I've finally pinpointed it after all this time, and it really reminds me of the overworld theme in dragon warrior monsters 2. (the extra magic key worlds, not the main ones) It always seems to remind me of that.

    I don't know why...but anyways...

    Yeah, I'll suggest this again, DO MORE DRAGON WARRIOR III SONGS.

    Like, a battle theme would be cool *coughbaramoscough*. There's not enough dw3 songs out there. :P

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