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  1. I hear there's a level editor available for the PC version. I'm hoping my old ass PC will run the game so I can get it and play fan made stuff... assuming a lot of fan made stuff happens. Either that or they could always bundle up a bunch of levels and make some DLC for the XBLA version.

  2. That song is pretty cool. I'm only a casual J-pop fan myself, mostly sticking to Utada Hikaru and Angela Aki. In fact this is probably the first time I've heard a J-pop song with male singers and instantly liked it. Good stuff.

  3. I live in a small town with no alternative to Time Warner as far as cable goes. As much as I'd like to switch companies if they implement this in my area I don't have the option to unless I want dractically slower service. I've played games on my friend's DSL connection, I don't want to do that again. Hopefully enough people do switch so that this doesn't catch on with other companies and/or Time Warner realizes they're losing too much revenue and stops it.

  4. All my Zelda friends say WW is better than OoT.
    that's because it is

    I totally agree. It took everything that I liked about OoT and made it better while fixing all of the problems. It also added that annoying Triforce pieces section, but I didn't say it was perfect.

    For me 2D Zelda is still way better than 3D Zelda. If they announced a new 3D Zelda I'd rent it. If they announced a new LttP style Zelda I'd preorder it.

  5. I've tried to beat Zelda OOT like three times but I keep getting bored at different spots. Once when I was barely an hour in, once inside Jabu Jabu, and then of course at the dreaded Water Temple. I had the Gamecube version and I traded it in because it was worth a lot of money. On the off chance that I ever feel like playing it again it emulates pretty much perfectly.

    Also, I tend to think anyone who argues that the PS3 is better than the 360 is absolutely ridiculous. But still, I'd like a PS3 for a Blu-Ray player, MGS4, and... well the fact that I can't think of a third reason kinda backs up my opinion on it.

    In the vein of Nasenmann's post, I can't beat Ico.

  6. i'm really enjoying this game. i'm not quite done with it yet, and my OCD tendancies make me want to beat each level before i move onto the next one (aka get all the pieces, which can be time-consuming), but i REALLY enjoy it. it's such a cool game as a whole.

    For me getting all of the puzzle pieces was the only way to go before moving on too. Which is a great thing because you need them all to unlock the last level. And without giving anything away, the last level is one of the most ingenious sights in video game history. If you found the game to be thought provoking before, the final level will blow your mind.

    Yeah, definitely XBLA Game of the Year for me even though I loved Castle Crashers, SFHD, and N+.

  7. I can't recommend Shemue enough. The DC version is still the only way to play the original, which some people say is actually superior to Shenmue 2. Sure, "Shenmue: The Movie" comes with the XBox version of Shenmue 2 and gives you all the storyline you need to know, but it's boring watching it that way when you could be playing it. And if you don't have an XBox or a 360, the European version of Shenmue 2 will load on a US system with a simple boot disc that is easily found online. No English voice overs, but that might actually help the game.

    Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves is one of the best 2D fighters of all time, if not the best. It emulates pretty easily, but it's much cooler to own it so if you're into 2D fighters I highly recommend it.

    One game that hasn't been mentioned is the Godly arcade racer San Frasisco Rush 2049. It's also on Midway's Arcade Hits Volume 3, along with Hydro Thunder (another DC must have) so you could get it that way too though. Playing this game today, it doesn't feel like it's aged at bit. The track design is brilliant, and there's also an addictive stunt mode and a car combat mode that puts most dedicated car combat games to shame. Then there's the extremely difficult to unlock obstacle course which is just insane. The replay value on this game is amazing.

  8. I purposely didn't read the graphic novel in anticipation of this movie because I wanted to know nothing about a super hero movie going in for a change. I was shocked at how adult the movie is. It perfectly balances subtlety (the very slight facial expressions of Dr. Manhattan) and brutality (Rorschach).

    Also, other than the voice Rorschach didn't make me think of Batman once. He's more like a film noir hero than Batman has ever been. He was probably my favorite character, but it's pretty hard to choose.

  9. I'm excited about OCR doing the music for this game and I'm not even on it. I can't imagine how awesome it must feel for you guys. And you all deserve it because this soundtrack kicks ass.

    In response to the mass Email I just got asking us to pimp the soundtrack out wherever we can I posted the link on NeoGeo For Life in the SSF2THDR thread. Yeah, I know how that sounds but they like Capcom fighters too.

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