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  1. Hello everyone,

    I feel like a machine with a strong processor and a fast sound card is whats needed let alone at least 4GB of ram

    My setup as follows:

    Processor: Hyper Threaded Quad Core Intel i7 950 (3.06 Ghz)

    Memory: 12GB DDR3RAM

    Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-X58A

    Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 6970

    Sound Card: M-AUDIO Fast Track Pro

    DAW: FL Studio

    I have no issues with any performance problems to date. I built this machine myself. If you know what you're doing building yourself is the best way. [=

  2. 0:27, 0:41 source A part

    Okay, only two short source references in the first minute and a half?

    1:50-2:24 source A part

    2:24-2:40 B part

    2:40-3:08 A

    3:08-3:24 B in a different take

    3:24-3:51 based on source part A

    3:51-4:05 A

    4:05-4:22 new version of B

    4:22-4:36 A

    4:36-4:51 B


    So, 176 sec required to meet Larry's stopwatch criterium. This adds up to... 181 sec, plus those two source bits in the beginning. That's cutting it pretty close, especially if the 3:24 part doesn't count (27 seconds). The source is dominant as per the standards, but I don't know if a third of the track can be a practically source-less intro and still get on ocr.

    Production sounds fine to me, in keeping with the trance style as well as I know it. I don't like the arrangement, there's some nicely interpreted bits in there (among more newbish takes on "personalizing" it), but the structure is pretty much a cookie cutter medley of the A and B parts.

    Cheesy sound effects added in. Classy. :P It also looks like the tail of the last hit gets chopped off.


    - Too conservative - sticks too close to the source - the main part of the arrangement

    - Too liberal - not enough connections to the source (too much original writing) - intro and outro


    - Mixing is muddy (eg. too many sounds in the same range) - it could be a little cleaner, but not a dealbreaker


    - Too repetitive - the ABABAB structure does that, especially coupled with four on the floor beats

    Cool track, but I reckon the source usage and the basic arrangement would keep this from getting passed.

    Thanks, Rozovian.

    Seems like I'll just keep this tucked away in the record box for personal enjoyment and private parties.

    Thanks again man,

    Much appreciated,


  3. Explain my ten posted remixes, then, I ain't got no masters. :P

    This board is a great place to learn to listen critically, and that's pretty much a requirement to making good music, no matter where you are. :D

    Haha, agreed mate. I get discouraged easily I guess. It dosen't seem like the genre of music I remix in gets accepted too often and mixes with guitars, or rock influences get accepted a lot easier. I try and incorporate a bit of everything in a mix.

    Oh, and my arguing statement is, some people are gifted and their music just "Ticks" or you know people. [=

    Much respect Rozovian.

    In fact I'm about to put my Lost woods remix up for mod review this upcoming week. It's DJ Friendly so a lengthy Drum/bass intro and outro is included.

    Piece and peace,


  4. I'm no mod, but I work with this genre a lot. I like it. I heard no high synths splitting my head open. (Beats Audio Headphones/Pioneer DJM 800 mixer). Sound FX are nice. What I would do is level out the sounds a bit more and make it sound a bit more even. Love the piano. All in all this is great. I enjoyed the listen. Listen to it in depth and have a play about with the mixing.

    This is talent. Keep it up.

    Seems like people needs a Masters in Audio Tech or engineering to get stuff successfully submitted and accepted on here. lol

    Possibly colab sometime mate,



  5. Ok, so with everyone's help, critique, and advice, I'm getting close to putting the lid on this track. It's sounds good to me and was a lot of fun to work with. Very glad I got some good feedback on here and everyone enjoyed the listen. Small edits will be made with the outro. this is DJ FRIENDLY with mix in and mix out sections.

    Thanks to you all once again.




  6. The intro build up works great after more instruments come in -- I dunno how I feel about just opening with beats.

    The melody at 1:20 and 2:03 both work, but I was hoping for a change the second time around. Maybe some sort of stuff to fill in the harmonic gap between the melody and the bass?

    2:03 and 2:44 can't be the exact same, and I suspect that they are in this case. Vary things up -- I prefer the final pass through something like this to do something different to make itself memorable. That way, you get listeners who listen to the whole piece again just to hear how awesome your last bit was.

    The piece felt like it was finished at 3:25 when the break happens. Afterwards, there just isn't much going on, and the slow death doesn't work well for me outside of a DJ set. If that's what this is going to be, great -- otherwise, in my opinion the song needs closure beyond this slow fade that is more boring than anything else.

    Overall: Needs another part or two (in instrumentation) for repeated sections, whether that is chords added to the bass line or a countermelody dancing around the melody doesn't matter a whole lot, but it can't repeat verbatim as often as it does.

    Alright thanks man. I know it takes time to type up these reviews, but it is GREATLY appreciated. This is however, a DJ FRIENDLY remix with 32 beat intro kicks and a drawn out outro. I'll try and see what I can do about mixing things up a bit with the melody. Can't let it get to busy or mixing becomes quite difficult. I'll see what I can fade around to mix this up a bit.

  7. Ok, so I've mixed the Kick and Bass a bit nicer into the mix (Still needs some work on the break), and added a couple of vocal effects from the game so it has more of a Zelda feel to it. I'm adding a softer kick and ride from 2:11-2:22 to as well aid in the build up. I feel the previous one was way to punchy for the buildup I'm looking for. This track is about 80% complete, because I have simply run out of ideas for this =/. All in all I think this is turning out well and most of all, fun.

    Please leave comments. I do listen and apply. Haha

    PS: I added a guitar playing an improved, melody for a short bit near the center. I'm not to sure about it.



    Lost woods


  8. Alright, so this is a remix I made a while ago that I've always considered submitting to OCRemix.

    Before I do any work touching it up at all in terms of mixing and stuff like that, I'd like to get some feedback on whether it's far enough away from the source music to get approved.

    Now I always have a hard time posting here because of the bias you guys have towards dynamic well produced music that seems to overwhelm any notice of any composition. So I ask nicely, that you keep the focus on the composition and the arrangement and completely ignoring the production quality. It's minimally important to me, and I would only do any real work on it if I thought it might get accepted to the site if I did. :P


    Sounds pretty good man. Left a few comments on the sound cloud post.


  9. It's got almost a happy hardcore feel to it when the melody really kicks in, but I agree you should definitely tweak the melody around a bit yourself. Make it more original. Try out some new chords underneath it as well, or make up a bridge section. I also think some dynamic changes would be welcome - it's all a bit frantic sounding, with no part to catch your breath in the middle.

    Mixing wise, the kick is hugely prominent, but the backing becomes pretty muddy during the busy sections, so try some more mixing on the next rendition and clean it up a bit.

    Thanks DarkSim. What sounds did you notice become muddy during the busy parts?

    And yea, any ideas on how to change the melodies any more than I have? (I suck at this BAD).

    Tried to add new things without taking away the original feel of the track being remixed.

    Once again thanks heaps. All is taken into practice,


  10. Big thanks for the replies.

    I do get stuck on what to really do as far as making it "original" with out it sounding like something completely different. Comments and ideas are greatly greatly appreciated and taken into practice.

    I've been playing the keys since 5 so I do plan on putting a "Piano slam" section in here along with the strings as a backing. Also, my guitar player friend has some ideas as well, so we'll see how that turns out.

    On a last note about the intro and outro. I am starting this rough draft off DJ FRIENDLY which means time to mix in and mix out. A "Radio" version that gets to the point will be the final edit for a possible submission if this track even had the slightest chance of acceptance.

    Another note on the repitition you see in a lot of my tracks comes from writing lots of music and remixing lots of music with the feel of Andy Blueman in some areas, hence why it's a bit of a challenge to create melody outside of the source but still holding a personal sound yet one that doesn't make the feel and tone of the track do a 180.

    Doing my best and I'm most of all having fun and sharing the music.

    Can't do it without the people input.



  11. Thanks Pixel,

    Like I said an hour of Ideas nothing more than thrown down.

    I usually don't reverb my Sub basses due to them becoming muddy but I'll give a shot at side chaining some reverb on it and see how it goes.

    In all honesty, does dance style remixes have an equal chance of a rock remix on this site? [=


    thanks for the feedback. It's all taken into practice.


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