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  1. Dare I say it? This is the best official album yet! Usually, there's quite a few songs that I don't like too much, but I think I like just about all the songs here. Nothing too avant garde. Loving Gario's contributions especially. They seem so thorough and has a great flow to them. The retro theme might've earned some bonus points from me though. Overall, the arrangements and mixes make for a pleasant experience, back to back.

  2. I believe I should be the last one to have received the package from the kickstarter as I got it today. If you haven't received your package yet, I'd advice you to throw David Lloyd a message about it. I thought I'd post it here for anyone wishing to see what it looked like, being a sponsor. Obviously, I have a bunch to give out to those friends of mine who also enjoy video game music. ^.-

    The entire package:


    One of each album included (Balance and Ruin twice, for the backside):


  3. I half expect them to charge the donations and pocket the cash.

    Guy, you should really take a look at what you're using your credit card for. It sounds like it'd be quite easy to rob you on the net due to this statement, no personal offence meant.

    If you want to deactivate the payment, go log in at:

    > https://payments.amazon.com/

    > Select "Edit My Account Settings"

    > Select "Manage my payment authorizations"

    > Click "Details" and then "Cancel Authorization"

    Even if they do take it, they would have to go against Amazon when people start complaining about their money not going to what it was marked for.

    Anyway, even if it might be a copyright issue, which I feared since the start of this kickstarter, just wait until you get an official word on the matter. Drawing accusations out of thin air gets you nowhere.

  4. I'm curious if it would be possible to include FLAC in the official torrents. I understand why you wouldn't want to host FLAC on your servers, as well as not all songs being available in FLAC. Can't you start with a FLAC policy "from this point on", however, and release what you already have in FLAC as well?

    I can understand an MP3 only policy in the early 2000s, but HDD space and internet speeds today shouldn't get in the way of having it as a superior alternative. You already release official albums in FLAC (or WAV).

  5. While waiting for my account to get activated, I've been watching this discussion, and it seems that it's rooted to a couple of questions.

    Why is this kickstarter okay, but the Vampire Variations deal not?

    I'd just like to say that, beyond potential copyright issues of which OC ReMix has always been in limbo, I have no qualms about either way of funding the physical albums. It is quite obvious that the kickstarter was meant to earn more than $15 000 from the start, but no one really knew what would happen, including this long winded discussion. But the same points keep being made. What is the excess money going to? It is going to the OCR account, which will be used for the site, contests, events, etc. They've already stated they've done so with past donations, sometimes ending up with a loss.

    What would the Vampire Variations excess money be used for? Note that I already said that I don't mind if it would be pocketed, but if that's the case, there's your difference.

    Why would any of the involved bother pocketing the money when it's said to go back to OCR? Divided, it's hardly worth anything. It'd ruin the reputation of the higher-ups, and I imagine this site has actually been beneficial to their careers. It is their best interest to keep OCR and their own reputation up there.

    Why were the maths so poor?

    Well, I wonder. The kickstarter itself said 1 000 copies in some places, while it actually meant to say 1 500 copies all over. In reality, if all slots are filled, it will take more than 1 500 copies, so the people who worked this out obviously didn't think it through properly. Being unsure of whether all would sell or not is not an issue with kickstarter, as it's an all-or-nothing system.

    It's clear that they wanted to go over the limit for the aforementioned reasons (OCR funding), as well as having more studio time. However, I wouldn't be hard-pressed to believe that the immense excess funding is partly due to poor maths combined with lack of foresight that it would all sell out. Forgetting about the silent majority of OCR listeners, they probably wanted it to be made even if it only sold 300 copies (which would be the limit for the all-or-nothing system). I believe the main point is that they've obviously discussed how to bring the excess money back to the community, as you can see with the updates. This was only possible because the kickstarter is doing as well as it is.

    I personally have no qualms about donating to OCR, having been a listener for many years already. Doing so for a project like this makes it even more enticing. From how I know the people involved, I seriously doubt they'd be aiming for any shady business. It seems a lot of the complaints is merely a misdirected retaliation for the Vampire Variations situation. I don't even know who spoke up against that.

    This album will be free, and you don't have to pay a single cent for it. The cost of getting a limited physical is not just for the album itself, but for the project as a whole. Do you think it costs them $500 to have an extra person invited on Skype? If it's too high for you, sure you may complain, but in the end you don't need this. Offering it for a cheaper price would devalue it as a limited product. It's for especially interested. Even most students can afford $50 if they really want it. I should know.

    Now, a couple of questions I have, related to the kickstarter.

    - The $250 reward offers two signed albums amongst other things. The $1 000 reward offers "ten bonus copies" of the album, plus previous rewards. Does this mean 2 signed albums plus 10 regular albums, or 2 and 8, or 10 signed, or what? (Semantics)

    - The $500 reward offers a granted remix request. What are the rules for such a request? Is a medley from a single game allowed, for instance? Or will each request just be reviewed later on?

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