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  1. The cynical side of me has X, X-2, XI, XII, XIII, XIII-2---hell, XIV reasons for not liking the sudden turn this project has taken, even though I half-expected legal action from Square Enix. It's hard to describe, but now it feels like my pledged coin is being divvied up for another outstretched palm who caught wind of where the gettin' was good, so to speak. That's a hard feeling to shake. Perhaps that feeling will be proven wrong next week. I await the official word.

    Even though the whole thing sounds like legal saber-rattling to me, I respect the process that must be followed and it's great that the album is moving forward to a conclusion that can/will appease both parties. The fact that there's communication is a positive sign. At least Square Enix didn't plug their fingers firmly in their ears and shout, "STOP! DESIST! NO! NO! LALALALALA-LALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU!" like I imagine most of these things are handled. That's a credit to OCR's reputation.

  2. Searching for a specific Final Fantasy VI remix is what brought me to Overclocked Remix back in early 2002. The remix I wanted did not exist (still doesn't), but I bookmarked this site and have lurked ever since.

    My pledge of $50 is a small way for me to say thank you (the physical copy and WARM FUZZY FEELINGS are a nice bonus!). I've been waiting patiently for this. This is a great game score that will be re-imagined by a very talented community, and it's great to see this project off to such an astounding start.

    Stay awesome, OCR community.

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