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  1. As we all more than well know, MineCraft is one of the biggest PC games on the market right now. Multiplayer is a necessity for MineCraft, so I'm wondering. What Servers (if any) do you all go on, and is there an OCReMix server? I'm just curious. :P

  2. Heya guys! Imma back!!!

    Now then, I've listened to all the remixes of azure lake and endless mine, and am well aware azure lake was in the SZRC. I still would love a good remix of either. Yes I also listened to the project chaos remixes. Any I either may have missed or am unaware of, or even a fresh one. I'd love any of those. Any response would be appreciated. Thank you guys!

  3. These are really good! I especially love the japanese-singing of one of the magnetman mixes! Thanks!

  4. Ok, so there is a sonic fan game out there called Sonic Robo Blast 2, and it has it's own original soundtrack. Both the game and the soundtrack are free on the site, and I love the soundtrack. So. I was wondering If anyone would be willing to take a listen and perhaps a remix or 2 of the track of the remixer's choice. I just thought it would be awesome to see what you guys would do with it.

  5. As a lot of you may already know, a game recently came out entitled "Slender." I have the game and I've watched youtube playthroughs. I was just wondering what everyone thought about it, and what you think was the best part, and what could use improvement.

  6. Hello! My (screen)name is rosuko1214. I'm fairly new here, but I saw the sonic zone Remix Compo, and felt the need to join. XD anyway, I have a couple requests.

    first, a magnet man. Yes, I have listened to all of the mixes of this already in the site, but it isn't enough to quench my thirst for magnet man, my favorite song from the franchise.

    Next, a crash man. Again, already listened to all on the site, but those I didn't think were too fantastic. I want a nice, upbeat crash man remix.

    Next, azure lake from sonic 3 and knuckles. I was disappointed this song didn't get far in the szrc, and would love to see this remixed with sky sanctuary!

    Nothing special, but those would really make my day!

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