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  1. Lol I appreciate the feedback but it definitely is jazz. Don't forget that jazz consists of many elements and many sub genres.

    Even though it's a partial fusion it's still jazz-whatever fusion it is!

    Played big band, combo and full orchestra for many years and I also studied music in my undergrad but I do appreciate you taking the time to listen and give some feedback - just had to push back on one of the greatest things that makes jazz jazz. It's very malleable which is partly what keeps it alive as it adapts but still remains jazz :)

    I think a lot of people get stuck on this definition of jazz : 



    to which even though it may be my fav type of jazz it's definitely not the only type

  2. Man it's been a while since I've actually posted in here. I'm mainly just a forum lurker absorbing all of your information for my self betterment XD


    I did a short little project on Sunday (About 10 hours total) and played some jazz covers of the first five square enix tracks that popped into my head and so here you go!


    All free dls and stuff - bandcamp is linked for HQ stuff.

  3. I've been missing from the forums lately posting but I've been lurking listening mostly still!

    Anyway I just finished up a mixtape dedicated to the Nintendo GameCube which I released today on my little brother’s birthday to remind him how I will always destroy him at any GameCube game.


    “Join 1-UP in the second installment of “Nerdcore Emulation Station” (NES 2) as he teams up with party collect star sprites and free the GameCube from the Imagidrain army.

    Party Members: (Mega Ran, Sammus, Lex Lingo, Xavier Woods, Richie Branson, Shubzilla, Eye.Q, SkyBlew, Press B, TYT, MC Ohm-I, Shammers, W!SE, Force of Will and MC JB)

    Venture through 8 stages filled with plot twists as they collect the star sprites and free Kadesh Flow from the Imagidrain king’s mind control spell.”

    Here is the link to check it out!

    Hope you enjoy!

  4. It's my birthday like as of 3 minutes ago so I'm releasing a free album

    First off it's FREE DOWNLOAD so keep reading.

    I've been working on this not so silent project for the past 3 or so months. It's about a future time period where emcees and producers struggle to keep imaginations alive in their galaxies.

    They are over run by an evil force and are teleported to traverse the worlds of Playstation, Sega Saturn and Nintendo 64 in order to gain more skills. Got some Mega Ran, some Richie Branson.... just a ton of people

    I join like 29 other rappers in this quest to save their worlds from the Imagidrains and 15 different producers.

    So happy birthday to me, thanks to everyone who participated and I would appreciate you LIKING AND SHARING THIS FREE ALBUM for my birthday!

    Go get you some.

    Also. I just made up the outro story as I recorded lol.

    Here is the short blog post that explains more in depth the story and process with links to everyone's social media.

  5. Hey guys!

    I have been slacking on my posting I know. I've actually been working on projects and doing shows more so my posting time has been minimal. (Actually did a show with a fellow OCR member Ben Briggs over xmas break!)

    I am releasing this free PS1/Sega Saturn/N64 concept album on Thursday which actually has a few guys I met here who contributed a ton of content.

    I'll post the CD DL on Thursday when I launch it all!

    Hopefully you enjoy it when it comes out!



  6. Didn't see thread about Nerdapalooza 'cause I was too busy preparing for Nerdapalooza :oops:

    Regardless...geez what a weekend. A few of us went to Epcot yesterday and caught Boyz II Men too. Sheesh this is going to take awhile to recharge from.

    The hard part is remembering who all I met by forum names hahah I wish we had AVI's with our faces on them.

    Who all did I run into again? I only remember one forum name off the top of my head but I hung out by the booth and bought myself an OCRemix Shirt!

    Yeah, it was a great time. I was completely dead after travelling all Thursday and then spending three days at Nerdapalooza, so I almost left early on Sunday. Glad I didn't; the last act was Powerglove, and they were fucking awesome.

    Dude I almost crapped my pants when I heard them start the power rangers song.

  7. Looks like I will be able to make this -- I get home on Friday (at 5:30 AM, after a 15 hour flight from Hawaii), so even if I immediately crash for like 10 hours I'll still be ready for shit on Friday.

    I am le excite.

    Awesome dude!

    I'll be staying at the Avanti Hotel - I'm crashing with DJ Robo Rob, I'll try and check this page a couple of times over the weekend but I hear the hotel is on the same street of the convention which will make it easier for me to make frequent swings over

  8. Well, I guess I kinda have to be there, since OverClocked University is playing and whatnot. OA, diotrans, DragonAvenger, Vilecat, Viraldemon, Tom C., and myself will most definitely be in attendance. We'll be running a booth throughout the weekend as well, so I guess any impromptu meetups can be planned when we're there since most people won't know what their schedules are until we're at the freaking thing.

    Also you all should really go on Friday. Benjamin Briggs, Mega Ran, and OCU will be playing then and I can assure you there isn't an act that night you'll not regret missing.

    tl;dr meet at OCR merch booth if anything, we'll figure it all out then. Rock on.

    Awesome I'll come find you guys at some point - I won't be there until Saturday morning though I work M-F and I had to take Monday and Tuesday off because of the day after show so I didn't want to burn too many vacation days, but I'll definitely come find ya!

  9. This is certainly something I have never heard before. Thumbs up for originality - the amount of VG references in that song made my head spin haha. I was trying to catch all of them. Also enjoyed watching the clip of your live performance on Youtube, you seem to be a great entertainer. Keep it up man!

    Thanks a ton man!

    If you're interested in joining in even as some of the script parts I would love to include whoever is passionate about participating!

  10. Good morning all!

    I am working on a mixtape called Nerdcore Emulation Station with about 35 people right now...

    (I emulate rappers such as Doc Awk, Mega Ran, MC Ohm-I, Richie Branson and a few others)

    Now I have about 25 tracks listed to go with most slots filled for rappers and producers, but I have a few beats that I need.

    Background on the story line:

    It is about heroes fighting enemies called Imagidrains on their planets. The Imagidrains launch an all out assault on all of the galaxies and the heroes realize they need to gain more experience in order to defend their planets. They all get transported to another world and party up to venture through the world of Playstation, then the world of Saturn and then the world of N64 to defeat different enemies and level up.

    The final boss ends up being master hand in final destination who they defeat and get transported back to their worlds to defeat the imagidrains.

    If you're interested you can message me on my FB and I'll let you know what's available!

  11. Some of you may have seen me do my kick starter for this... AND HERE IT IS!

    I worked on a CD called Super Nerdcore Entertainment System over the past few months with help a bunch of peoples.

    Anyway it's pretty much what you would expect a CD called SNES to be about - Mostly old time video games since I'm all extra nostalgic... some anime songs.... some math and other things.

    Some of the people doing mic checks on here include - Alpha Riff, Josh Krow, Mc Ohm-I, Doug Funnie, 2 Mello, Illy Gorilly (Ill Gill since I have like a new nickname for him every day) and a few others.

    Producers include : Raisi K, Beaker, myself and a bunch others.

    But anyway check it out hope you guys enjoy!


  12. Game: Final fantasy IV

    Song:Boss Battle

    Gamer Shredding Team.


    we are working every day in optimizing our recording methods and musical technique. Any comment would be well received, and considering that our goal is to grow as a musicians, you must know that this proyect has been done just for the love to the music and videogames.Hope you like!!

    Thank you for watching and if you enjoyed this cover.


    Download This Song On


    This is why I love coming to these forums lol, so much creativity