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  1. Hello, I am GigaPichu, head spriter/artist for the Smash Bros. Fangame Super Smash Bros. Crusade.

    I heard about this place from a booth at APEX 2013, and I was told it would be a good idea to come here if I was seeking musical assistance.

    Anyway, this fangame has been in development for about 5 years, but we have yet to get an actual soundtrack for the game. All of the music we've used was either taken from the games themselves or just things we had been allowed to use from random people.

    I was hoping that maybe we'd be able to find some people who can help us create a true soundtrack on this forum here.

    We have a more recent video currently in development, but here's a slightly older one:

    As well as the link to our forums:


    And also, our Facebook Page:


    Thank you for your time. :3


    One thing we surely need is a menu theme.

    This was the first menu theme we had, back in the first demo:

    If it would be possible to remix this into a better menu theme, as well as make a Final Destination version remix, that would be incredible.


    Other remixes we will eventually need:

    - Meta Crystal/Metal Battle remix (Smash 64/Melee)

    - Dark Link Battle remix (Adventure of Link)

    - Planet Floria Remix (Ristar)

    - Good Egg Galaxy Remix (Super Mario Galaxy)

    - Duck Hunt Remix

    - Mushroom Kingdom Remix (Super Mario Bros.)

    - Main Theme of Bubsy remix (dark/boss remix)


    Another thing we could use in the area of Original Music is a boss battle theme for our 'Fighting Rainbow Team', which is our version of the Fighting Polygons/Wireframes/Alloys.


    Other custom music we'll need includes:

    Master Hand Battle

    Battlefield theme

    Online Mode waiting screen

    Character Profile Viewing theme

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