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  1. Heck yeah, Chakan! Always wanted to try and mix 'Water Dimension 1' with 'The Four Portals'. Maybe now is the time. ;)

    If I may ask, and since you didn't specify, what musical genres are you interested in / looking for with these requests?

    Well, actually, I say go with the music genres that you think are best suited for each one. And thanks again for taking my requests! Can't wait to hear how they turn out. :D

  2. Hello. I hope I'm not a bother to anyone with these requests. But I would like some remixes of these tracks from Chakan: The Forever Man for the Sega Genesis

    1. Chakan: The Forever Man - Air Dimension 1 ~ The Dragonfly King:

    2. Chakan: The Forever Man - Air Dimension 2 ~ Dark Riders:

    3. Chakan: The Forever Man - Fire Dimension 1 ~ Elkenrod:

    4. Chakan: The Forever Man - Fire Dimension 2 ~ The Fire Dragon:

    5. Chakan: The Forever Man - Water Dimension 1 ~ Mantis:

    Thank you to anyone who hears my requests, and a huge thank you to anyone who decides to do them.

  3. Hello, guys! I really liked Klaymoor's theme. Not the one where you fight him, mind you, but the one right before you fight him. I can honestly say that this is my favorite theme in Megaman Legends 2. I hope someone makes a remix that's long, and has a more jazzy beat and a little faster tempo.

    here's the YT link of the song:

  4. Hello! I worked along with a several other members on this forum on a Dynamite Headdy tribute album a few years back, titled Secret Bonus Point. You can check it out here. There is an oriental orchestral arrange of That's the way the boss is killed on there, by Chernabogue. But more Headdy remixes could never hurt!

    Thank you for the information. And you're right! More Dynamite Headdy Remixes couldn't hurt. :)

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