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  1. I'm back in New Jersey now, but MAGFest was amazing! Thank you to all the ReMixers who took pictures with me. I also had fun bouncing off the walls during the Video Game DJ Battle. :-D (Ben Briggs' set was WONDERFUL!)

    Also, it was good to meet halc. Loved his music for years, never met him before, but we bonded very quickly. Very nice dude! (also, halc... who's "Jacob"? Nah, I'm kidding. You know what I'm talking about... lol)

  2. Hello. I've been going to this website for years (no, seriously, years) and decided to join the forums. I love this website very much. I think I started loving it after hearing "Kong in Concert" since it's such a great album, and I love Donkey Kong Country. I know some people here, and I think this place is great!

    I am also musical myself, and think it would be cool if I were a ReMixer one day... (hey, it could happen!)

    So, anyway, you might see me posting here sometimes. Cheers! :-o

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