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  1. I alternate between both of them - currently Fire Emblem for the Wii, and Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero 3, and Rock Band for the 360.


    X360: Burnout Paradise/NFS Prostreet/GHIII

    Wii: Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros. Melee (I never owned a GC so I'm catching up) and Wii Sports (yeah, I just got my Wii recently and am still addicted to Wii Sports =P)

  2. er...call me ignorant but whats the name of the instrument Trent is playing in this video? http://www.youtube.com/ninofficial

    You are ignorant, not for not knowing what the intrument is, but because that's not Trent, it's Alessandro Cortini, the keyboard player. =P And I have no idea what instrument that is either, lol.

    On another note, I thought the remix album was freakin' awesome. I didn't really have high hopes for it, but most of the tracks are brilliant. I still listen to a few of them regularly.

  3. I own it on 360, and I happen to like dual analog fps gaming. Sure mouse and keyboard is better for aiming, but I prefer analog for movement. That said, I enjoyed it a great deal and I'd only recommend you get it for the pc if you intend to get really into team fortress 2 since it seems to be much more popular on the pc.

    Seconded. I prefer the X360 controls and thought the X360 version of Orange Box was excellent. However, I got it on release, and I'm actually quite ashamed to say that I still haven't even tried out Team Fortress 2 yet. You can probably gather that I'm not much of a MP guy.

    So if you're like me, I can assure you that you won't regret buying it.

  4. Hahaha, way to overhype it. Reason is "unknown", because those removals happened before my time at OCR, and before anyone kept track of things like that. So I have no idea why they got pulled. My guess would be too much direct sampling of the original songs, but since no one seems to have them, I can't check them out. In any case, there's no negativity against Bart. He's still got one mix available on the site.

    Yeah I suppose I did a little bit... but anyway, that's all well and good, but if that were the case, wouldn't those System Shock 2 mixes that Dafydd mentioned be be listed with the same "unknown" reason?

    On another note, does anybody know where I could find a complete and up-to-date list of ALL the mixes that have ever been removed from the site? Or if such a list even exists? I don't mind snooping around to try and find them myself, but if I had a reliable list to reference, it would make things a lot easier.

  5. Bart Klepka made some System Shock 2 mixes that were removed without mention, and that are also not on OCRemoved...

    Yeah what is it with Bart Klepka? I've noticed that a shitload of his remixes (all but one in fact) have been removed from the site with the reason being "currently unknown" for all of them, and now I hear that a bunch of them were removed without mention! Add that to the fact that NONE of them are on OC Removed.

    Did Bart Klepka murder somebody or hack OCremixed and delete the whole site at some point or something?? To say that there seems to be a lot of silent hostility towards him would be a huge understatement...

  6. I think the other transformers had to "see" an object first because at that moment, it was imperative that they blend in the environment and have some sort of disguise to get around in. When Megatron was unfrozen, I think he quite frankly doesn't give a fuck about disguise, he just turns into whatever he sees fit and goes straight after the cube. You might notice that the jet doesn't resemble anything human, it's completely alien.

    Aside from that, I, too thought this movie was just sensational. Like others have said, I haven't enjoyed a move this much in a LONG time. But then again, I never ended up getting into the Transformers franchise so I didn't have any high hopes in terms of accuracy, the film just completely blew me away.

  7. A couple of years ago when I was just learning to drive, I had been playing "Need For Speed: Most Wanted" shitloads, trying to complete every challenge and achieve #1 on all the blacklist rankings. I remember this one occasion when I was out driving and getting some practice, where some guy cut in front of me or something. Being a learner, I freaked out and tried to hit the speedbreaker (that button in the game the makes everything go in slow-motion and increases your car's traction).

  8. Despite the fact that I have never played Starcraft, Warcraft, or much WoW, I think I'd like to see this. I really wanted to, but I could never get into WoW because frankly, the whole "orcs" and "elves" and "bows & arrows" and "magic spells" shit bores me. I'm not saying its crap or lame, it's just REALLY not my thing. Give me sci-fi. Give me aliens and big guns and spaceships and explosions (not the mindless type of course). That's what I love. I mean WoW MUST be pretty damn good - shitloads of PC gamers play it, people get addicted, it's created all this hype, etc... so if they could make a WoW style game, only in a world of science-fiction and aliens, then I reckon that would be sweet, and it's something that I'd DEFINITELY like to check out.

  9. Hey everyone, I've was just lookin through the forums and stumbled across this. This is so cool!! I've always loved Doom and its music and I just wanna wish you guys the best of luck in producing this! There's just a little insignificant something that I'd like to add to all this... http://www.doomworld.com/classicdoom/info/music.php

    That page contains all the official and original names for all the songs in Doom. I hadn't seen the real names anywhere on this thread so I thought I'd let you in. They might help you think of names for your own remixes or you might wanna include them somehow in the track listings or in the CD booklet or whatnot. And I was just wondering if there is a page where I can find all of the completed tracks and WIP's all on the one page? That would be great.

    So yeah, good luck guys and keep up the awesome work!!


  10. Ohh, this is just brilliant! I was a big fan of 'Final Doom: Evilution' and yeah, this was one of my favourite tunes from it. You guys have done exceptionally well, and TO, you've got some of the best Doom remixes I've ever heard, don't stop 'em comin'!! :D

    Just one thing, however. Dj Pretzel commented in the main review about there being a strange transition at 1'47" and someone else mentioned one at 2'30". I'd like to point out that these "strange transitions" are exactly the same in the original song, so kudos to y'all for keeping it true to the original!!

    So overall, great work fellas!! You've recreated a masterpiece (for a doom midi, anyways) and multiplied its emotional value by 500. Keep up the good work.

    P.S. TO, KEEP THE DOOM COMIN'!! :):twisted::P

  11. I like this. I only really like the first half, however, there are parts of the second half that really catch me, the bass in the second half seems to turn me off. Everything about the first half is awesome. I just don't know why everyone is saying that the two halves blend in together so well!! I hardly call coming to complete silence for a couple of seconds, then starting the next half, blending in. Apart from that, great stuff!

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