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  1. Sounds MIDI-esque, or very conservative.

    There is overcompression while the kick hits. The drums also sound very sequenced and messy due to almost no drum compression and velocity variation for realism. Even if you say they're real, they don't sound real. The dynamics of them are too flat.

    It's also likely that your bass is playing sustained downstrokes or sustained upstrokes only... the whole time, which bassists don't do, by the way. They alternate because they're human and humans can't do repeated picking in one direction for all that long before getting hand stress. Constant sustains are also repetitive and not representative of how a bassist would create a "groove". Something to think about, and it really means you can't rush things so much.

    Music is written so people can enjoy your creativity and so you can enjoy it too. Don't ruin it by rushing to write a song "just because". Take your time. :tomatoface:

    yes i over compressed it to much, just fiddling with what sounds the best,

    Drums are real i recorded them from various metal songs, the kick and snare are from where just those hit are present, from an intro fill or a break in the song, the toms are not, the tempo kinda made the drums sound to inhuman, it all was made in fl studio none of it is physically played, yet, just a little something to pass up time, im not feeling creative with my serious stuff, just a jolt of motivation.

    i intend to make it a midi for others to fiddle with it, dont know if it would sound good in my "Aggrotrance" format,

  2. Careful of what you say, dood.

    Andrew is a friend of mine, and pirating -ANYTHING- from Impact Soundworks is out of the question.

    I can point you to a free guitar library using kontakt, but please refrain from mentioning anything of the sort from now on.

    Got you, im gonna get it as soon as i make more money, ahh i just threw it in there for whatever reason but i have Electricity but it takes up to much cpu and i cant make heads or tales of it, what do you think so far of it?

  3. I'll be the first to say that you're really ballsy going after one of my favorite soundtracks of all time, so kudos.

    I'll also be the first to say that your bass is coming in too thick and that you need to play with Shreddage a bit more for the realism to shine.

    Your bass is coming to thick, drowning out a lot of the mids.

    (Example: Your lead)

    I'll be watching your progress and if you need any advice on Shreddage, I'm your guy. (I followed you on SoundCloud.)

    I know, i just put it together i didnt have any mix on it at all yet, i dont have shreddage, id love to have it, i dont got the money for it right now, i dont think its possible to pirate, the beginning part of this song is a tough one to transcribe, but ill do that one some other day, might do A Young Man's Worries into a trance version one day

  4. I got bored so i transcribed the homeroom song from Mana Khemia and made it into and metalized version, its the main part of the song, i didn't transcribe it all yet

    Note guitars are not real, i don't have a program such as shreddage to do so, the drum are real but each instrument was recorded separately


    Full song but needs a little work.


  5. Word. and to timaeus222, True stuff but sometimes it can sound better, i recorded many songs from bandcamp and sometimes it was at 192 kbps but most of the time it is 128 kbps, i rip all my music to flac so i cant tell a differance between 128 to 192 kbps it all sounds the same to me, another reason is i have no space left on my soundcloud and so i used bandcamp, shoulda took the extra time and used youtube. Oh well.

  6. This isn't in any relation to the remix itself, but I have something to ask you.

    See, like you, we here at OverClocked Remix enjoy making remixes to share with the rest of the community. It may take some balls to pass the panel, but when we do the relief of seeing them get posted really pays off, and what's better is that our work is shown for people to get for free - high-end amateur arrangements for no cost.

    Having said that, let me ask this question - do you seriously expect anyone to buy any of your remixes on Bandcamp for a dollar each? I'm not saying they're 'crappy' bad, just arrangement-wise they don't go anywhere and are all the same cookie-cutter trance that reminds me of OC Remix's fledgling days. If you're expecting people to come in here and approve of your work and raise you some money, you're going to have to think twice about that I'm afraid.

    Please excuse me if I come off as harsh, but I just find it unusual that in the space of a few days, you'd share off a few finished works, sell them on Bandcamp and share them all here expecting lots of praise. I've seen other OC Remix artists use Bandcamp (Brandon Strader, Benjamin Briggs and Dj Mokram at the top of my head, though there may be others) but have admitted to struggle to raise money regardless of the quality of their music. If you want to sell them, then fair play, but this practice isn't winning me over. Sorry :(

    Calm down, i thought ive put it for free, ive changed it i rushed to put it on site, i dont like soundcloud it sounds better on bandcamp, im not expecting anyone to praise my stuff, i just do it out of boredem, i put it here so i could make some new friends and help others out guess i cant share with others anymore than.

  7. Hey guys im new to this site, ive been producing music for some years and in the past few ive been doing remixes for various games/tv shows movies such as Giorgio Moroder - The Chase, Towards the Horizon from Lunar Silver Star, Fighting Of The Spirit from Tales of Phantasia

    Ive also Done Metal Remixes for such bands as Dark Tranquillity



    Im working on Taking Up The Cross remix from Tales Of Phantasia

    Im Looking for midi files for

    PSO Abysmal ball both parts

    PSO Tricktrack both parts

    If you want me to do a remix i just a midi file for them

    Cheers :tomatoface: