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  1. Hey everyone! Time for another update, so i'm just about to start the track list that i'd personally want in the album (Remember we are doing songs from all three games), Before I do so i want to know if there are any songs that you guys think have to be in the album. I want this album to something that we can all enjoy making so leave your song ideas here!

  2. On 12/30/2015 at 8:02 PM, Precipotato said:

    I think the title should include something that's consistent across all three games. Some things all the games have in common:

    1. Leaving home

    2. Adventure with Friends

    3. Something larger and more sinister than originally anticipated

    4. Mr. Saturns (M2 and M3 only)

    5. Search for X number of [melody or needle]

    Have you contacted the guy who is doing the soundtrack for Mother 4? He might be interested. We could do a name like "Mother's Lullabies" or "Searching for the Next Melodies". I'm not good at naming things.

    Interesting ideas, Three is a common number in the series so I believe we should include that in the title but I'm open to to other ideas.

  3. 11 hours ago, LongBoxofChocolate said:

    I see it more as cautionary advice. In my experience, people want direction, and sometimes gauging interest alone isn't enough to get something started. Learning how to further express and articulate your ideas will go a long way!

    I know you have good intentions. So don't give up*, and best of luck with Earthbound!
    *is this where I make a Determination pun?

    Thanks, I feel like I have more passion for earthbound anyways so I'd rather put my all into that. Best of luck to your project as well.

  4. 1 hour ago, Darkflamewolf said:

    I was going to post something along the lines of Emunator but felt I didn't have the cred to do so, but I'm glad someone spoke up. I'm all for these projects myself and I do hope they see completion one day, however, considering I'm a literal 'nobody' in the OCRemix scene, I am myself fighting a uphill battle to get Skies of Arcadia finished. All things considered, we got a bunch of WIPs already in, a bunch of tracks claimed and less than half of the core track list left to be claimed with about 7 remixers saying their time will free up early 2016 for this! Honestly, I'd call that a success even if it isn't anywhere near halfway done. But I will reiterate a point from Flexstyle, you need to be serious about following through and I intend to do just that. For example, all those who I PM'd and who have read my PM but never responded negative or positively to it, I'll be PM'ing them again start of the new year. Those who said to check back in with them in 2016, I made a list and will be doing so as well. I'll also PM anyone who will have (hopefully not!!!) missed the New Year's deadline for WIP 1 and coordinate a new one for them or enter discussion if they still want to be onboard or not. Its tough being director and gathering people together for a common goal. It takes someone who is focused and has a clear vision what they want from each track without detracting from the remixer's style and genre they'd like to take it to. I had more but its late and I'm tired but I do wish you the best of luck in any of your first directorial debuts! Honestly? If Skies of Arcadia gets done and no one has started a Final Fantasy 8 album, I will SO head that one up! lol XD

    Love your enthusiasm, best of luck to your project! 

  5. Thanks for the input. Don't worry, I'm not looking to direct more then more then one at a time. I understand your concerns, Right now most of the albums I was looking at making mostly fell through. What I'll do is that the album that the most people are interested in will be the album I edit the other posts when that time comes. Like I've said before I see so much creativity in this community so that is why I wanted to start those albums. I'm sorry that this caused a lot of confusion. 

    Anyways. If you have listened to the undertale soundtrack for long enough you will hear that there are many reoccurring melodies in the songs. I'd love for that to influence the direction of the album.  

  6. 18 hours ago, Brandon Strader said:

    I am humbled and flattered that someone would both mention me and break the rules at the same time 8)

    Did this seem like an album you were going to direct, or were you looking for someone else to do it? I gotta admit I was drawn to this thread cause it looked like a real Scott Pilgrim album was going to be started and that is definitely something I would gravitate towards!

    I had an Idea on directing, I'd love to have you on bored for this if your interested. 

  7. So I after listening to Brandon's Scott pilgrim remix posted a few years ago it got me thinking, we should make a full remix for the soundtrack. So I am looking to see if anyone would be interested in joining. I was thinking we could either go for a general remix type album or have each remix styled after a genre of rock. If anyone is interested please comment below! Here is a playlist of the songs from the game, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDg-1MHo18OQtH7d06J_0uQVfZVMxHK2m


    *Edit, posted this in the wrong section, could someone move it to recruit? 

  8. I had some ideas on how it could vary from bound together (Great album BTW) I was thinking we could feature songs from all three games with different styles of music. The reason why I say this is because the first Mother game has a smaller soundtrack so the other two could fit it nicely with remixes from all three games. Anyways keep sending me input for this album, I want to see this a reality! 

  9. Hey everyone! So I am going to start getting serious for this project, for now the title is just Mother Series Album but we can brainstorm later. This Album will consist of songs from all Three Mother (Earthbound in america) games. To get you inspired here is some links to playlists with all of the songs in all three games. I'll have a tracklist of what songs we are aiming to include in the album soon but for now feel free to ask questions and get excited. 

    Mother 1, 


    Mother 2, 

    Mother 3, 


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