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  1. Banjo & Kazooie 31

    Knuckles 30

    Boo 18

    Shulk 18

    Rosalina 17

    Chell 15

    Curly Brace 14

    Spyro 14

    Quote 13

    Ristar 13

    Eevee 12

    King of all Cosmos 12

    Midna 11

    Purple Tentacle 10

    Reimu Hakurei 9

    Ezio 8

    Goemon 8

    Lucas 7

    Roll 7

    Faith Connors 7

    Mia Fey 7

    Glass Joe 6

    Bonk 6

    Jill Valentine 6

    Gomez 6

    Pit 5

    Raiden 5

    Duck and Hound 5

    Q*Bert 5

    Medli 4

    Dr. Cortex 4

    Adol Christin 3

    Gunstar Red 3

    Tikal 3

    Rash 3

    Master Higgins 3

    Plok 3

    BJ Blazkowicz 3

    Blooper 2

    Isaac 2

    Larry Laffer 2

    Makoto 2

    Wolverine 2

    Mick and Mac 1

  2. Banjo & Kazooie (28

    Knuckles (27)

    Boo (15)

    Curly Brace (13)

    Shulk (13)

    Eevee (12)

    Spyro (12)

    Rosalina (10)

    Midna (9)

    Chell (9)

    King of all Cosmos (8

    Roll (7)

    Mia Fey(7)

    Ristar (7)

    Bonk (6)

    Quote (6)

    Ezio (6)

    Reimu Hakurei (6)

    Raiden (5)

    Purple Tentacle (5)

    Dr. Cortex (4)

    Jill Valentine (4)

    Medli (4)

    Q*Bert (4)

    Faith Connors (4)

    Pit (4)

    Lucas (3)

    Adol Christin (3)

    Gunstar Red (3)

    Tikal (3)

    Rash (3)

    Gomez (3)

    Glass Joe (3)

    Duck and Hound (3)

    Blooper (2)

    BJ Blazkowicz (2)

    Goemon (2)

    Isaac (2)

    Larry Laffer (2)

    Makoto (2)

    Geese Howard (1)

    Master Higgins (1)

    Mick and Mac (1)

  3. While listening to it, I got the feeling deep in my gut that ...something... had hatched inside me and was beginning its morbid conquest to devour my internal organs while growing larger and moving towards its goal of wresting control of my empty body. It also made me want to re-contemplate my place in the vast, unknown vacuum we call the universe. It may not exactly be the best ear-candy, but that wasn't the purpose. It's purpose was to give you a slightly lingering three-minute nightmare.

  4. Funny story, thought I'd share it. I was taking a walk to do some heavy thinking and to relax on a beautiful Summer day, listening to the perfect song for the occasion, (of course I mean this mix), when I heard kids laughing in the background. I looked around casually to find the source, but I was alone. A few seconds later, I heard it again. Embarassingly, for most of the portion of the song that had those sounds in it, I continued to look for children. It wasn't until I removed my headphones that I realized the truth. On a different note, if Nintendo were to officially release a Majoras Mask movie (I can dream, can't I?), Theophany would udisputedly be the best choice for a soundtrack composer. The ending bit of "Time's End," the final song in his album, with a little tweaking, sounds remarkably like a movie trailer.

  5. I am totally getting the feeling that this song is "epic and dynamic," just as bluestraks was aiming for. I've hit the play button at least six times (including the first) and I never hear the exact same song twice. As I listen to it again for a seventh time, I finally notice a Navi sparkle sound effect at 0:11 for the first time, not to mention that there is just so much going on that I notice and focus on different sections each time because my focus can't handle the whole thing at once.

  6. My word... I haven't been on OCR for a while, and I come back to browse and find THIS waiting for me. You know that thing in cartoons and animations where if someone sees something amazingly beautiful, a single tear will come to their eye? Yeah. That ACTUALLY happened to me, at about 3:04. And no, I am not joking or exaggerating. I seriously haven't liked a mix this much since Theophany's "Time's End" album.

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