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  1. This is a great jazz piece. I adore this ReMix, and even a couple of my friends who don't normally listen to game music found interest. The themes are so well integrated, you would think the Christmas carols are supposed to sound like Mario themes and vice versa. I also would like to note their very smooth playing. This is definitely one of my favourites and worth the download time.

  2. I'm probably repeating what's been said, but I just wanted to express my deep attachment and appreciation for this song. Unless my memory is faulty (which, the majority of the time it is) I think I read from someone that the drums weren't that great. The drum crescendo is actually my favourite part, as it gives me the impression of Mario doing the canonball dive into the waters. The chimes have a great effect for water splashs, and the ending gives the feeling of the waters resuming a calm state. This is definitely one of the best ReMixes on the site.

  3. McVaffe = Remix God

    Download this now!

    In a nutshell.

    The repetition doesn't bother me, and I hardly notice it because I use WMP to repeat all the songs I play. I quite like the piano and drums, and the original tune is still recognizable although I admit, it took me a couple listens to pick it out from the composed parts. The ambience is well-done here, and I'm a big fan of ambience pieces. This is definitely worth waiting for the download time.

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