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  1. I know it has already been mentioned numerous times, but as a lurker since ~2009 who has used ocremix as a treasury of amazing works to facilitate my creative works by drowning out the world around me and immersing me in things familiar yet not... I feel compelled to share my thoughts about one piece in particular... To Be Forgotten...

    I was an avid fan of the FF series from the day the first installment available to those of us in the United States landed... VI was the last in the series I could truly dedicate time to... by chance, laid up after surgery while overseas in the Corps I was able to enjoy FFVII thanks to a friend... By the time Final Fantasy IX was released, life had already overrun my perimeter and was running roughshod directly over my very soul.  I barely got into VIII before it was swept away by a lack of free time... long after IX came out, I finally found time to play through it... but there's something lost in adulthood that can never be reclaimed, and though I made it through the entirety of the game it just did not resonate with me like I am sure it would have had I chance to be injected into the timestream at a different point.  The one part that always stuck out to me was Freya and Burmecia... the score captured this so perfectly, and was the one artifact that I carried with me from my experience with the story.

    While I appreciate several pieces on this album (The Knight of Woeful Sorrow is excellent!), To Be Forgotten is simply stunning in every way.  I cannot even begin to fathom the level of effort creating a monument like this entails, but please know that I am in awe of it every time I hear it.

    +1 Soul Touched



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