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  1. I've done nothing but lurk, having never contributed anything to OCRemix. I feel like a total dirk. Probably because I'm more focused on original composition over arrangements/remixes, in which OCR caters to the latter. Just waiting on that perfect album call.

  2. you're looking for a synth called "fantasia" in midis and soundfonts and stuff


    the fantasia in arachno soundfont sounds just like that one




    mega man x5 yay!



    EDIT it's also called "new age"



    I just gave the Arachno soundfont a go and it's pretty spot on. Like hoshihearts suggested, the Fantasia (New Age) setting sounds pretty close to that one. It's #88.


    You two are very beautiful people. This is EXACTLY what I need. Thanks! Been looking for this forever!

  3. So I've downloaded PSF files for Brave Fencer Musashi, and I've used VGMtrans to convert them to sf2/dls; unfortunately, it resulted bad. No matter what build of VGMtrans I use, I can't seem to get a working soundfont. If a soundfont or dls is generated (if the build even allows me to get that far), the file produces no sound. It even causes FL Studio to act up and not play any sound for anything at all, forcing me to restart the client.


    I've done this for Breath of Fire 3 and Final Fantasy II Origins (PS1), and they worked splendidly. I figured it just might be corrupted PSF files, but I downloaded every PSF pack for the game on the internet, and they all do the same thing. 


    With that, does anyone hear have managed to get it working or have the BFM soundfont itself? Would help immensely. Thanks!

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