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  1. Great source :-)

    Your drums sans the kick seem really buried in the mix, especially the cymbals. For a dnb track, you should make sure the drums are nice and crisp. There might be conflicting frequencies, so be sure to check out the EQ.

    I'd also lower the attack on the kick a little bit. The release feels a bit too high as well.

    I would redo some of the transition drum fills, the kick-snare patterns don't feel very natural-- 1:13-1:16 and 3:00-3:06 in particular seem to go against the flow of the track in those moments.

    Lastly, a suggestion: I would add some ghost hits to your snare patterns here and there to spice things up. I get pretty bored of the snare halfway through the track.

    Arrangement-wise, everything seems fine, but that second "main" section is just a repeat of the first one. Try changing it slightly.

    Overall it sounds good and the only jarring thing really is the drum mixing--I'm just nitpicking. Keep up the good work!

    Thanks for the input. Definitely agree with you on the drums, I think I was just adding more and more sounds to the track and it became hard to fit them into the mix with so much going on. Will keep it in mind for the next one!

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