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  1. On 01/04/2016 at 1:19 AM, Flexstyle said:

    @ Anyone who reads this thread and wants to give advice: don't do it. It's a trap. This guy will not dialog, and will only keep asking more ridiculously open-ended questions.

    Okay, you suck.

    In my thread, i did dialogue until I understood something. Then I asked more questions, to not spam the forum.

    Neuroplasticity sounds like some BS word a hippy would use to make themselves sound better, like toxin or toxicity.

    I am now looking for a midi pack for touhou. Also, are there vsts for the stuff mentioned in this thread? I only have a laptop right now.

  2. https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard/blog/fwugradiation/13528293577 This guy, the awesome guy that made Undertale and probably some other stuff, made this post where he piano improv'd three songs. Then this person  https://www.tumblr.com/audio_file/sylvysprit/129177054062/tumblr_nuqrw468yy1tabxqx?play_key=e6ba8f023e92bbb5aaf06052cd0c6551&tumblelog=sylvysprit&post_id=129177054062  made this and it sounded even better.

    1. That kind of Touhou-ish Zun music... how do I make that style of music? I'll probably need the right VSTs or soundfonts. A google search turned up nothing after six pages and three rewordings. What do I need to do to emulate Touhou's style?

    2. How do I learn to make piano improv this good?

  3. On 23/03/2016 at 7:40 PM, Slimy said:

    Start listening to orchestral songs, and recordings so that you can see the instruments being played. If you get the opportunity to attend an orchestral concert, do so. If you're still in school, join the band or orchestra. Once you're familiar with how orchestras work, you can use EWQLSO to "paint" orchestral sounds on a "canvas," (your DAW.) EWQLSO is basically just recorded orchestral sounds.

    You know how to select ewi files using the browser in Play, right?

    This might make me sound stupid, but no. 

  4. Sorry, I wanted to convince yall that I'm serious about becoming a good musician, and I'm not just going to derp around, fart out the occasional mediocre simple track, pander to a dumb fandom with spectacularly low standards, and switch fandoms the second funds start getting low. I'm not doing that. I'll be an awesome musician.

    My rich friend bought East West for me. He heard I was writing music, so he just dropped the money on it and got it, treating it like it was just some friendly casual surprise. Some day, I want to have that kind of money. Also, he's a good guy. Now that I have East West Symphonic Orchestra, how do I use it?

  5. There's a song called X-Rated, by Excision. It uses the X sound a lot in its lyrics. More importantly, it does something with the bass. When I play it, it's like the whole room fills with that sound. How do I get my music to sound so loud, deep, and wide?


    (Proof of my awesomeness: On my own, I figured out how to get the piano sound used in Persona 4, and a softer concert piano-ish sound, on FL Studio. Also, cool-sounding currently-unnamed songs.)


    By the way, the Mario part of this was amazing, what were the instruments/sound effects used in that? The Zelda one was meh and the SSBM one lamer, but the Pokemon one was great, too, what were the instruments used in that? (Besides the 8-bit bass-ish bit I can hear in the background. And I think that's a geesis soundfont thing at 10:20, but I'm not sure. It sounds a lot cooler than my 8-bit soundfont. Also, ranked third is the street fighter one, what instruments were used in that?

  7. On 07/02/2016 at 9:18 PM, AngelCityOutlaw said:

    Honestly I would not even bother with Shreddage.

    Somebody stop me if I'm wrong here, but it seems like @Winning900 wants to do mostly rock and metal or at least electric guitar based music? If you go to your local guitar center right now, you can buy a decent guitar for 300-500 bucks that will last you a lifetime if you take good care of it. Couple that with a Line 6 POD or even software amp sims and you're good to go. You don't have to put in years upon years of practice to learn the basics of playing in a metal and rock style either. 

    If you don't want to do that, again, just collab with a guitar player - there used to be this joke a drummer I know always told "I'm going to get some slurpees, want me to pick up some guitar players too?"

    That money you want to spend on VSTs is not only better used in a time when you have superior composition and mixing skills, it's best spent on instruments that are difficult to obtain like orchestral libraries or backing instruments like drums and bass guitars which are actually more important in getting a good, heavy rock sound than the guitars are.

    (Laughs at slurpees thanks to an inside joke)

    Ok. How do I get my skills better? I just transcribed a piano Megalovania with FL Keys to practice detecting what note each is.

  8. I'm very sorry. I forgot to give the link to you to the song. I fixed the 8-bit, it was my fault because of the 32x.



    edit IT'S TAKING SO LONG. While it's uploading, I want everyone to know you are very kind, supportive, and helpful. I am using that thing now instead of guitars, because it looks like I might need one of those expensive ones first. Are expensive VSTs for guitars and orchestrals worth the price? 



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