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  1. Hello. I hope I can feel welcome here. I recently just joined this forum today, and I feel like this place may help me learn how to work much better with my music programs. I'm not entirely new to making music or most songs, it's just, I want to learn how to improve the quality of my music.

    I am putting samples of my music here, in case you want to listen.





    All of these so far were done in FL studio with VOPM. but I don't know too much of how it works or how these other VSts I got work, Genney beta and FMDrive. I want to learn how to use these and how to up my quality with pitch bending and all sorts of other effects. I want to learn how to even emulate that sweet intro to Metropolis Zone in Sonic 2. I want to learn how to even make those exact instruments from the sonic games, but I have no idea how to do it, or what CAN do it.

    Is there anything I should do? Who to learn from?

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