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  1. Final Fantasy VII is my favorite game of all time for many reasons.

    One of those reasons, is this song, and the story it represents.

    How 7 years ago ShinRa Energy and Power sent a troop of soldiers to the town of Nibelhiem to inspect the Makou reactor. This is the song that plays as Barrett, Tifa, Red XIII, and Aeris sit around listening to Cloud tell his story up in the hotel of calm. Russell Cox could not have picked a better, more emotional, more meaningful song to remix, and he couldn't have done a better job of arranging it if he was Uematsu himself.

    Russell Cox. Man. Musician. Genius.


  2. Hrm, Kerafyrm from Eq comes to mind.....

    HAHAAHA.... any mob past level 50ish is downright impossible solo, and any dragon isnt even to be questioned. But yes the sleeper is the hardest... most impossible rather... boss in any game. Wouldent even call him a boss. Damn I have seen like 5 people in front of me just freaken drop instantly. Clerics bolted and so did I, we had one of the clerics (retard) camp cause he thot it would be nice to rez us after we zoned... moron. I counted 1:43ish seconds after he was awakened when I was crushed. But I saw some horrifying things... honestly if you could here screams in the game the place would just be blairing. 1 attack... 4 dead, bastard lumbered to me i backed up /screenshot and he turned his attention to someone to my left, i turned to see, she was dead before i saw it... i took the use of the 1/4 turn to my left to make it a complete twist and ran like hell. got to high ground (how i got there escapes me... been so long) took multi screens... I could see all these people running... sleeper lifted its head back and 2 or 3 more fell... /screenshot Then... dead... dunno how, maybe delay between pressing the - key and that millasecond stillness while the game process the screen gave ol basbages a chance to give me a claw to the gut. Never found my corpse... didnt care quit that game awhile ago. Honsetly I can only describe it as dropping the ring...

  3. Very nice, at first I thought it was decent, nothing more. Then I started scanning the forums and left it on loop. I swear I never knew the song ever started or ended. It was great, just leave this thing going and it grows on you. I could easily leave this on at night and sleep in an extra hour. I'm just afraid it will lose its luster after playing it so long! :D Lets hope not. It went from a 6 when I first heard it to a 10. I love this song, kudos.

    A side note, (You will have to excuse me, I might be wrong on some of this, havent played the game in about 2ish years.) I thought it would be the main theme, as I enjoy that song over all of the other MGS tunes. But to my suprise it was the very (IMHO) "ok..." end theme. I personally disliked the end song (not the one with the choir). But if this is the end song then you sure did change my opinion ;) I simply love it now. (Once again, I might have the tunes mixed up, hell, I'm not sure the main theme is even the REAL main theme haha! Please, enlighten me.)

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