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  1. I really enjoyed this track, as well as the rest of analoq's material in this project.

    Infact, analoq's remixes are about the only salvagable tracks from the train wreck that is Hedgehog Heaven. The songs range from mediocre, to complete and utter trash. I found myself cringing a few seconds into most of these songs.

    I don't mean to be a cynic. I mean, it's more than I could do. But I feel like this project is a complete injustice to Sonic 2's stellar soundtrack.

    Not to be mean, but I agree. Hedgehog Heaven is, compared to RotC and Kong, quite below the bar. A lot of the songs are good concepts, but just sound wrong. It actually sounds a lot like it's still a WIP. :-/

    That said, I do like a few tracks in the album, and this one is particularly good. I'd like to compliment Analoq, who once again has gotten a really freaking catchy song stuck in my head.

    ~Sorry if I sound too cynical; It's just an opinion

  2. the reason that 255 was the maximum number of rupees is because only one byte of the NES's RAM was allotted to the number of rupees that you could carry, and 255 is the maximum value that one byte can contain..... That might explain the level scheme for Gauntlet 2, but maybe not.

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