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  1. Very early in the thread (Pages 2-4?), I read a bunch of comments on how hard Dr. Wily was in Mega Man 4. Let me tell you how many tries that bastard took.

    Three. :lol:

    Well, not his last form. Took me a minute to figure out what the hell to do, then another few to actually do it right. Asshat.

    But he wasnt the hardest boss ever. No way.

  2. Personally, I'm currently stuck on the part in Sector 2(?), TRO, where you have to actually run from her. Well, this is the second time you have to run, the first time was with the power bomb ... or if you were stupid enough to reveal yourself when she walked over that tunnel ... but it's really tough. She's gone from "Scary clone who walks by eerily" to "Psycho B*tch".

  3. SA-X is fun to toy with, the first time you actually have to get chased by her. Keep making her spin back and walk to the pillar youre hiding behind by firing consistently. Im sure X have feelings of frustration.

    But then she totally kicked my ass. I guess X have feelings of vengance as well.

    Damn SA-X. Always ruining my flower bed. I'll get the hose ready next time.

  4. I've seen these kinds of threads so many times.

    Anyway, the hardest boss I've ever faced ...

    That DAMN OCTOROK MINIBOSS IN THE JABU JABU THINGY IN ZELDA 64. First time I faced that little b*tch, I died. And the second through tenth times were pretty much a repeat. Now that I've long since beaten the game, he's easy, since I know what to do and stuff. But he had me in a corner for quite a while. Maybe he wasn't hardest, though...

    [sarcasm]There was always that tree in Kirby.[/sarcasm]

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