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  1. So, there was a new user over in the LMMS community who produced a song that had a great basis that I felt deserved a remix. Taking some synths I had programmed over a year ago (around when I first started doing music) for a videogame inspired theme, I gave the original song a nice overhaul and made this remix. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    Note: Don't let the title of the song be a put off, I personally would have renamed it to something else had it been my own track to begin with.


  2. So, this is a song called Golden Puppets, and this is the VIP Mix I prepared for the guys over on the Pokemon Sage project. I'd been helping here and there with a few themes, and I suggested that I could update an old song (that was in desperate need of retouching) and produce it as a boss fight theme for their game. Thus this mix was born. I haven't been in too much contact with them as of late, but last I heard they were planning on retouching the song with textures from the actual pokemon games by use of soundfonts. Either way, given that this version was intended to be an original song for a boss fight in a video game, I thought I'd post it here. Theres a bigger description that talks about the original origins of the song at the link.



  3. I've uploaded the high quality version of this remix to the judges panel earlier last week, but I figured I may as well post a temporary link to a version I posted to soundcloud. Essentially, I gave the Submerged Temple theme from the Torvus Bog section of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes a much more pulsing, bad-A sort of feel. I initially wanted it to have a style similar to an original song of mine (Motion), but the more I progressed in producing the song, the more it took shape into what it sounds like now. The reddit community for the Metroid franchise suggested I submit it over hear. Lemme know what you think!



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